Friday, January 13, 2012

Native Americans and the Economic Termination Opinion Piece Misses the Mark

There is an opinion piece in Indian Country Today by David Kimelberg that misses the mark by not telling the story about what tribes are doing to terminate their own people:

Not too long ago, the United States’ explicit policy regarding Native Americans was termination. The goal was to marginalize and eradicate Native people and cultures. As a first step, the government stole Native land and resources, murdered Native families and herded the survivors onto bounded reservations offering little chance of survival. The next step was instituting a legal policy during the 1940s, 50s and 60s stripping Native nations of any remaining rights. True to form, this officially coined “Termination Era” witnessed the government terminating over 100 tribes through legislative mandate.

In a comment, yet to be released from moderation, I wrote:

The author completely ignores the Indian Terminations going on in Indian Country. Indians are being terminated and stripped of their citizenship in increasing numbers. Can you name ONE American who has had there citizenship taken away?

Tribes, including the Picayune Rancheria and Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians have TERMINATED 60% and 25% of their OWN tribes, respectively. Snoqualmie of Washington has terminated members for simply disagreeing with the tribal council. The Cherokee nation has shamed themselves for the way they have treated the descendents of their slaves that their ancestors dragged on the "trail of tears."

The theft of per capita and benefits in Indian Gaming Country is over $500 million in California alone. Where is the outrage from tribes that stand up for their people?

Tribes in CA are trying to keep other tribes from getting casinos, all in the name of protecting their market share. The Chukchansi Resort and Casino is defaulting on their loans, not because they can't pay, but because they won't. Tribes like these make it difficult for those tribes that do business honorably. Unless tribes put pressure on other sovereign nations to act both responsibly and honorably, the economic termination era will continue.

Think of this, If a tribe will cheat their own people, won't they cheat YOU?

Not every issue in Indian country is the "white man's" fault. Tribes, with their corruption and chicanery, set themselves up for failure.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard that there is a group that is getting ready to start a petition to let California run their own Casinos to help the Education system....people don't want to pay more house taxes for schools and we all know how much the tribes are raking in by the size of the per capita checks....and there is nothing the tribes can do if the citizens vote in gambling for the State.