Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear Pechanga Tribal Members: Do You Know Where YOUR Money is going?

We are working on some stories about tribal influence and we've checked out Open Secrets for campaign contributions by the Mark Macarro led corrupt council of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, well known for stripping the citizenship of some original Pechanga people.

Do the members know that the tribe has given $2,500 of their money to a MICHIGAN congressional campaign?

It may have something to do with Mark Macarro's wife's company IETAN Consulting, The tribal council has given Holly's company almost 3/4 of a MILLION dollars...and for what? The tribe LOST on the water rights bill..

Time to look at that recall attempt maybe?


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Macarro was being lead by his wife?

Ietan and Holland * Knight worked with tribes that terminated their people.

I think Holly could do the math and find out about how much more their "family" would get when they got rid of 200+ tribal members.

Remember when Ed mentioned he didn't get invited to the wedding?

Anonymous said...

$2,500 is chump change, but over 5 years, it adds up.

Plus, they are giving money to a lot of state politicians that are out of the area. But, then, they'd give Macarro an award. He could make his own plaques for cheaper.

The tribal members should be looking at expense reports.

Anonymous said...

$2500 is chump change, but when you add it over 5 years...it's meaningful.

But why send money to MICHIGAN??

Anonymous said...

Pechanga contributed more than Bank of America and less than IEATEN Cosulting... follow the money

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation $10,000
Shaltz Automation $10,000
Associated Radiologists of Flint Pc $5,000
Koegel Meats $5,000
Mfo Investemnts $5,000
Tha Architects $5,000
Ietan Consulting $4,000
Kildee for Congress Cmte $4,000
Iinn $2,500
Lueiseno Indians, Pechanga Band $2,500
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation $2,500
Richard Karp $2,500
Safeguard Properties $2,500
Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe $2,500
Sgt Ltd $2,500
Sorenson Gross Construction Service $2,500
Hurley Medical Center $2,000
Akin, Gump et al $1,000
Bank of America $1,000
Center for Advanced Eye Care $1,000
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy $1,000
Interpublic Group $1,000
MJ Capitol Consulting $1,000
Prasad Kommareddi Md $1,000
Rowe Engineering $1,000

Anonymous said...

Pechanga looks like they did the "usual" contribution as did two other tribes....

Anonymous said...

Following the money.... Pechanga Contributions



smokeybear said...

O.K., now how about some of the bigger/larger outlays of cash that these "Thieves" have sprewed out there? Of course some of which "May Not Have" the standard "Paper Trails," but "Trails" non the less? Or there is always the possibility that they meet behind "Closed Doors" and "Handover" large amounts of cash and figure no one is the wiser. So who really knows for sure? Reality: "Someone does!" These "Criminal Tribal Leaders" are getting away with all these "Improper and Illegal Acts" by "Paying off" those that can "Make it Happen!" I question the "Government(Indian Affairs) and their role in these "Criminal Actions" that they allow these "Casino Indians" to put forth against "True Native American Indians" without "Consequeces." For "Justice, In A World Of Injustice" is "Nonexistent!" They back ever "Illegal Act" that these "Casino Indians" have put forth without "Reservation." We all see it, and we all live it, and this with "No End In Sight." Again, "Sovereignty: Their License To Steal!" The "Government(Indian Affairs)" and the "Casino Indians: "Strange Bed Fellows."

Anonymous said...

Government=domination...Surprise? Not! Not strange bedfellows at all.

American Indians will always be targets of criminal acts. The tragedy is that Indian traitors are used to 'pull the trigger' against their own people.

James Joaquin Fletcher is the descendant of a Mexican ancestors white descendants,and American Indians? Is Indian ancestry proven? Is James Joaquin Fletcher enrolled by fraud?

Fletcher betrays himself by 'telling' his lies. I will not reveal these 'tells.'

Fletcher is not the only thief who uses the same 'tells.'

James Joaquin Fletcher is a wolf aka greedy eyes. Stink eyes has always had his greedy eyes trained firmly on the prizes....and has been in position to steal!

Take a look at the council,the development corp,and enrollment committee. BTW....James Joaquin Fletcher is head of Pechanga corp? It figures..Corporation have no soul.
Hmmmm, council, enrollment, Pechanga Development,etc. all working against the best interests of legitimate Pechanga lineal descendants.

Irony...thanks to Congressional dirty tricks, Corporations are treated as "persons."

Question! How is it the illegally enrolled are in control of Pechanga?

How did the illegally enrolled thieves get control of enrollment?

People have documents. Who introduced illegal moratorium; disenrollment? illegal.

Couldn't anyone recognize the progression of criminal acts?

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said: Couldn't anyone recognize the progression of criminal acts?

Of course they "Could," and "Did!" But were unable to stop the "Criminal Corruption" that was so firmly entrenched within their respective "Memberships." With, "Pechanga," they ignored every bit of "Creditable Evidence" that was "Legally" put forth. A virtual "Kangaroo court." And the "Illegal and Criminal Disenrollments" followed. The "Tribal Council" overruled the "General Membership," and that, in itself, went against the "Constitution and Bylaws" that was "Tribal Law, which states: The "General Membership" is the ones that have the final say in all matters pertaining to what is to be, not the "Tribal Council." We all know what happened in "Retrospect." The "Membership" caved in.

'aamokat said...

The membership did cave in as most of them didn't insist that a duly passed law to end all disenrollments be enforced.

Those that did insist that the law be followed were reportedly called into Mark Macarro's office and told that their families would be next if they continued in their efforts.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

not to mention the over $1,000,000 pechanga has given to the democratic national party itself, and the over $600,000 given to the republican party...

it's pretty obvious that mark macarro virtually bought his seat as a delegate at the democratic national convention with pechanga's "influence" (aka MONEY)

the same goes for many other corrupt gaming tribes within california...explains why it is rare for ANY united states congressional members--INCLUDING california senators boxer and feinstein--to stand against ANY gaming tribe when it comes to even the most blatant tribal, civil, and human rights violations perpetrated against indian people by these same gaming entities...

a message for our united states congress...

character DOES count!!!

NOW is the time to utilize the plenary power YOU have as OUR advocates to stop these horrendous violations against so many THOUSANDS of our indian people!

YOU can bring our people-ALL of our people--home to their tribes! it is YOUR responsibility to protect OUR trust interest as individual indian people--NOT just that of wealthy and corrupt gaming tribes who financially back your campaigns...

through their continued inaction to protect the tribal, civil, and human rights of so many of our indian people, congress becomes equally as corrupt and responsible as the offending tribal governments
in the GENOCIDE being employed to destroy our people!