Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I am SO proud of all of our Native brothers and sisters who stand up against the Dakota pipeline, which is going through treaty lands and through the ancestor's resting places.

Does anyone besides me wish that we would see the same efforts to stand up for those who have been harmed by their own tribes?  
This motto above, should inspire all who have been harmed, to find their backbones and stand up for ALL of us who have been harmed.

So few are still working to defend the honor of their ancestors against the tyranny of corrupt tribal leaders and against the apathy of the BIA and the almost hysterical ignorance of our elected officials to their trust responsibility.  Is it any wonder that tribes continue to disenroll, when they know they can get away with it for say a DECADE or two?

HOW to fight?

  • Write comments on news articles, if they are Facebook linked, TAG your family.  
  • Join Twitter so you can pass on articles to BIA, Senate, House, news
  • Get your family's back in the fight
  • Write a story for the media, including this fight
  • TALK about your issue, remarkably, most people still DO NOT KNOW.
Why not give up?

Can you really do that?   While so many are fighting for YOU, your kids, your ancestors?

As we learned from Enterprise Rancheria bringing people home, it's NEVER TOO LATE.  Unless your relative dies while disenrolled as attorney Gabe Galanda writes today.  Can YOU live with that?  Your relatives dying, while YOU wait for someone to DO SOMETHING?  Which usually means...why won't someone ELSE do something...

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