Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Indian Country Today Chooses APARTHEID Reservation Leader as One of 50 Faces of Indian Country

The estimable news site Indian Country Today has chosen Mark Macarro and his 2nd wife Holly Macarro as one of 2016's 50 Faces of Indian Country .  Well, as my cousin reminded me, Time Magazine chose Hitler as their man of the year, and Ayatollah Khomenei, too, so I guess there is precedent.  Disclosure:  I have been published in ICT , thank you very much.  
Holly and Mark Macarro

Now don't get all hot and bothered saying I compared Macarro to Hitler, get real. But Macarro is a tyrant, he does run an apartheid reservation, he does support segregation on the Temecula Indian Reservation.

Macarro is quoted in the glowing piece: 

“Our Payómkawichum/Luiseño Bands have endured much in the span of America’s history—especially when so many did so much to make us disappear,”

This is exceptionally rich, considering Macarro is responsible for making over 20% of the tribe DISAPPEAR, via disenrollment of two large families in 2004 and 2006.   

Holly Macarro has been working DILIGENTLY to steal water rights from reservation allottees that have been stripped of citizenship rights.  Effective? Not so much, as her attempts have been stalled by a few of us who had to stay at Holiday Inn Express, rather than the first class accommodations the $250,000 a year Pechanga pays her...uh, her firm.  So, it's been over $1 million..for failure.

Did the sand of time cloud the judgement of the ICT staff? Or was the NICE advertisement (pg.17) paid by Pechanga a factor?  

Mark Macarro, one of the 50 faces of Indian Country, but not a good face.
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