Monday, January 12, 2015

San Pasqual Tribe Claimed Protesters "PROPENSITY FOR VIOLENCE" To Get FREE SECURITY for Protest

Yesterday I wrote of the heavy police presence at the San Pasqual Reservation.  It seems that not only does Allen Lawson lie about being San Pasqual, his leadership lied about the protesters.

We heard from officers on scene that they staffed based on a call they got about the protest, which claimed that the protesters had a "propensity for violence".   That was the reason for nearly 20 law enforcement units staged at Valley View Middle School.

This was a waste of police manpower.   There were NO threats of violence.  In fact, one of the leader's Huumaay Quisquis was so forceful in his speech to the 90 plus protesters, to do this in a "peaceful manner" that there was no reason to get arrested to accomplish their goal.

All San Diego County residence should be asking for the San Pasqual Tribe to compensate county taxpayers for wasting their money.
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