Sunday, January 11, 2015

Heavy police presence at San Pasqual protest UPDATE

I'm just arriving at the Valley View casino and I see 15 San Diego County Sheriff cars massed at the middle school.
15 Sheriff's and four CHP were staging at the beginning of the protest

Maybe they didn't get the message that this was a peaceful protest? Hopefully they won't outnumber the protesters

UPDATE:  OVER 60 protesters braving the rain in order to get their message across
UPDATE:  Well over 80 protesters by 9:45, triple the number of sherrif's and Highway Patrol.
UPDATE:  Topped the 90 mark, in the rain.  We even walked UPHILL BOTH WAYS as the tribal rangers opened up the back gate so members could sneak out....
UPDATE:  Police were very friendly, chatting with many of the protesters...

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