Monday, January 5, 2015

Fundraising Help Needed for Berry Creek Rancheria Disenrolled's lawsuit. WILL YOU HELP?

Can't march with protesters?  Live to far away to participate in events?  Well, you can HELP with a small donation to those members of the Berry Creek Rancheria  that have been disenrolled as they fight for their rights. They Stood up for their rights  to point of arrest, something MANY of us didn't do.   Here's their request at GO FUND ME, a fundraising website. $5 will help,  that's two gallons of gas that you might have spent helping at a protest, or Sacramento 

We are a group of NATIVES in need of assistance to retain legal council. The legal council will represent the group of former Tyme Maidu natives, which were injustly disenrolled and financially penalized by the corrupt Tribal Council of the Tyme Maidu Tribe. We plan to file suits against the tribe for blatant violations of tribal members civil rights. 

This case will serve as a starting point for all other natives that have been persecuted by the CORRUPTION strangling our tribes. We hope to set a precedent with this case, which will provide legal justification for many suits from other natives in the future.  Please support the unheard voices of all NATIVES, and show that we as a community can stand up to the bully Tribal Governments. A win for us in the court system will provide the building block for legislation changes to protect all tribal member's civil rights, and not leave us at the mercy of the greedy Tribal Governments.

CAN you help?  Each crack in the sovereignty dam benefits ALL who have been abused by corrupt tribes.
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