Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chukchansi Casino Tribe's Gaming Per Capitas to END as ANOTHER LEADERSHIP Faction Emerges That Wants a SMALLER TRIBE

Can you believe it?  The Chukchansi Tribe wants to become SMALLER? Getting rid of 70% of the tribe wasn't ENOUGH?   TIME to PULL THEIR FEDERAL RECOGNITION.  The Fresno Bee Reports...

The new faction is made up of the tribe’s original descendants — 43 total voting members — who the federal government at one time recognized after restoring the Chukchansi and 16 other previously terminated California tribes. The new faction wants to gain control of the tribe and could remove members of the other three factions.

As the new faction meets, the three existing factions continue to wrestle for control of the tribe as they seek to reopen the Chukchansi casino — the tribe’s main source of revenue.

A group previously headed by Tex McDonald continues to maintain a tribal council. Meanwhile, the council led by Reggie Lewis and Nancy Ayala is arranging a tribal members’ meeting in Fresno on Saturday that could lead to new elections. A fourth group led by Morris Reid last month sued the Lewis/Ayala faction for failing to pay monthly stipends in accordance with a federal judge’s order

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