Monday, October 13, 2014

Anti North Fork Rancheria Casino Supporters Raise over $11 Million. Mostly from OTHER Tribes

Alexei Koseff of the Sacramento Bee has the latest on Prop. 48's supporters and detractors.  We should NOT HAVE off reservation gaming.

Buried by the barrage of ads on insurance rates and doctor drug-testing, another high-stakes ballot measure is quietly attracting millions in donations ahead of the November election.

Proposition 48, a referendum on two tribal gaming compacts brokered by Gov. Jerry Brown and approved by the Legislature, will ask voters whether or not they want to uphold the deals. Massive gambling revenue is on the line, as are questions about the growing phenomenon of “off-reservation” Indian casinos in California.

Proponents of Proposition 48 – including the North Fork Rancheria band of Mono Indians, the Wiyot tribe and their financial backers from Station Casinos in Las Vegas – argue that the proposal to build a 2,000-slot machine casino off Highway 99 in Madera would create an economic engine in a depressed region of the Central Valley and allow the North Fork tribe to reclaim part of its historic land. The campaign is hosting a media open house today at the North Fork Rancheria in the mountains near Yosemite, which is not where they plan to build the casino.

That’s part of the problem for opponents of the initiative, who make the case that the deal opens the door for more casinos outside established reservations, a limitation that voters approved in a 2000 proposition. But there’s also an aspect of financial rivalry: The main funders of the no campaign are other tribes whose own gaming operations would face more competition with construction of the North Fork casino, as well as their New York investors.

They have seriously outraised the yes campaign – $11.6 million so far this year, compared to only $418,000 by supporters of Proposition 48. Will voters follow the money?

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Anonymous said...

If the voters vote no it will be on the heads of the three tribes and that joke of a piece ofcrap cheryl schmit. What in the hell are our people thinking? Yes it is all greed and stupity on these tribes. Cheryl S. is laughing at all of you greedy tribal leaders and your (baa-baa) sheep. KARMA BABY KARMA.

Anonymous said...

Vote "Yes on 48", then we can open up gaming to all of California and close down all these indian casinos that have run amok!! This will be the new beginning.

Anonymous said...

Apartheid running bands should not get any support. They don't support "ALL" band members.

Dear Team Members,

As we receive our ballots to vote on November 4th, many of you have asked about Proposition 48. Since the voter information guide is a bit confusing, maybe even misleading, we want to be clear that Prop. 48 is bad for the vast majority of tribes and California. Thus, we ask you to vote NO on Prop. 48.

Proposition 48 is not about Indian gaming, it is about a Las Vegas Casino corporation (Station Casinos) attempting an end-run in order to place a new Indian casino in an urban area - away from existing tribal lands. In doing so, Proposition 48 breaks the promise that Pechanga and other tribes made to the voters of California: that Indian gaming would be limited to Indian lands.

Prop. 48 would also be unfair to the vast majority of tribes in California that have honored the promise of limiting gaming to existing Indian lands. If approved, Prop. 48 would open the door to an expansion of gaming into urban areas.

This is why we respectfully ask that you vote NO on 48 and encourage your family and friends to also vote NO on 48.

Please contact Jacob Mejia at if you have any questions. Thank you.


Board of Directors


A. Nony Mous said...

Please vote "Yes on 48!" Consider that Pechanga has been and continues to be terrible to their team members. Honest, decent moral and ethic people are ostracized and forced to work in a hostile work environment. Case in point, look how PDC is attempting to persuade their team members how to vote. WTF? Off reservation gaming would be great for employees who would no longer have to deal with the disguise of "sovereignty", and employers would have to abide by some labor laws. No tribe is truly sovereign if they take federal monies; so yes "sovereignty" is just a disguise.

Anonymous said...

it's funny Pechanga uses a disenrolled site to advertise their plead to stop other reservation from gaming. So Jacob Mejia tell us why the Hunters were disenrolled even though they had letters from elders stating they were from the Poba ranch one of them was from Antonio Ashman. they original allottee with their original deed signed by the president. Pechanga hired DR. John Johnson and he told them that the Hunters are from Pechanga. So Jacob and Pechanga you want to use this blog and ask for help why don't you answer these question first then maybe some one will hear you.

Anonymous said...

Vote YES on 48.

Anonymous said...

YES ON PROP 48!!! Prop 48 is not asking people is they think the North Fork Rancheria should build a casino, it is about the COMPACT between the State of California and the North Fork Rancheria ( the amount of $ North Fork Will be giving the state). The Casino is going to be built, it has already passed.If you read your voter guide it will tell you that this is on the compact. This is not going to "open flood gates" as some intimidated tribes may say to put fear in people, this is only regarding the COMPACT between North Fork and the State.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Schmidt is laughing her way to the bank!!! She's going to retire early on Table Mountain and Chukchansi's money.

Tom said...

YES on 48

Nowhere does the 2000 proposition called “Proposition 1A: Gambling on Tribal Lands” limit casinos to established reservations. The limit is on tribal land or Indian land. The 305 acres near Madera was placed in trust nearly two years ago and is tribal land.

And now over $15 million dollars has been raised by the “no” effort.