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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Here's the statement Chairman McDonald just released on the audits and the $49.6 million "fund deficit" created on Reggie Lewis, Chance Alberta and Nancy Ayala's watch (From Chukchansi FB PAGE):
This audit and the so-called “fund deficit” shows why our Tribal Council sent our police chief and officers to regain control of the Tribal Gaming Commission. We knew the factions headed by Reggie Lewis, Chance Alberta and Nancy Ayala were illegally seizing records and that they failed to file audits for two years. Now we know why. With nearly $50 million deficient on their watch, Lewis, Alberta, Ayala, their fake council and their lawyers owe the Chukchansi people and our bondholders an explanation immediately.
Today, the members of the On-Rancheria Council – the only body elected by a vote of the people per the Tribe’s Constitution – call on the National Indian Gaming Commission to immediately launch a full investigation of this $49.6 million “fund deficit."

Our Tribe put its full faith and trust in Lewis, Alberta and Ayala, as well as casino general manger Giffen Tan and former tribal gaming commission head Diane Eckstein. These people had responsibility for our casino and its funds and they must be held accountable for their gross failures in management. This is not some nickel and dime problem. It’s a $50 million problem and our people demand and deserve justice.


Anonymous said...

All criminals! Take it away from both sides and give it to the people!

Anonymous said...

IRS.. are you paying attention??

Anonymous said...

I bet you can find that money on one of the Hawaii islands

Anonymous said...

Reggie, Nancy and the rest of their people stole it. Now they want to complete an audit? Why didn't Reggie complete it years ago? I'll tell you why they didn't complete it because they were too busy STEALING the money! They should be in jail!