Monday, October 6, 2014

Desert Rose Casino to ReOpen after Takeover Attempt, Cash Taken

The Alturas Indian tribe’s Desert Rose Casino will reopen after a temporary closure.
Earlier this week, the General Council of the Alturas Indian Rancheria met at the Alturas Indian Rancheria Event Center to overturn the actions of Wendy Del Rosa and non-tribal members who caused the temporary closure of the casino, according to a press release.
According to the Sacramento law firm Fredericks Peebles and Morgan, former employees Wendy Del Rosa, Wayne Smith and Creig Marcus removed all the cash from the casino. The matter has been turned over for criminal investigation, the release said.
The tribe’s General Council regained control of the casino within hours and has reopened it.
On Tuesday, the General Council removed Del Rosa from the business committee based on her attempted closure of the casino.


Anonymous said...


On Tuesday September 16, Darren Rose, the Co-Chair of the Tribe, along with his non-member daughter and Tribal member Phillip Del Rosa, took over the Desert Rose Casino by force. Mr. Rose is upset over the Tribe’s failure to engage in illegal internet gaming and he believes by controlling the Casino he can get the illegal internet gaming operational. Although the Sheriff recognizes the duly elected government and membership of the Tribe as acknowledged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, due to the legal nature of Indian tribes, the Sheriff does not feel like he can intervene as it may appear that he was assisting one side or another.
These same individuals, along with their lawyer, John Peebles, who is well known in Indian Country for his involvement creating tribal disputes, attempted to withdraw all the Tribal funds from the Tribe’s bank accounts at Plumas Bank. They were unsuccessful. They also attempted to obtain the Tribe’s accounting and payroll records from the Tribe’s accounting and payroll company. They were denied there as well.
The acknowledged General Council of the Tribe is diligently working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Indian Gaming Commission and the State of California, Department of Justice, to resolve this illegal coup. However, governmental agencies do not work quickly.
While we are working very hard to restore order and end this dispute, the Casino may well see service interruptions for the near future. On behalf of the Tribe, I apologize for the disruption to our valued patrons, but most especially to the employees who will lose income as a result of this selfish act by a few disgruntled members of the Tribe. I hope common sense and decency will prevail and we will be able to resume normal operations soon.

Wendy Del Rosa Joe Burrell
Co-Chair & Secretary/Treasurer Tribal Member
September 29th, 2014

Contact Les Marston for inquiries: (707) 462-6846

Anonymous said...

It's chukchansi all over again, both Peebles and Marston helped create our mess.... was our money not enough for you guys!!!! All tribe beware of these lawyers, no matter what side you choose. They are not out for the tribes well being... The more chaos the more they make, isn't that right marston!

Anonymous said...

From a non tribal point of view, reading all the posts and comments it is the same set of lawyer for each tribal fight. I have seen 4 names repeatedly among all tribes. Marston, peebles, rosette, and montana. It seems that you tribes need to find NEW legal council, maybe someone who hasn't been involved some way or another to the down fall of another tribe. Every time these lawyers get involved the tribe they work for goes into turmoil..... coincidence?????

Unknown said...
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