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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pechanga Asking "Team Members" to VOTE NO on Prop.48. Don't want OTHER Indians to Benefit from GAMING.

I've received this a few times from sources at Pechanga.  The apartheid practicing Pechanga Tribe does NOT want the North Fork Rancheria to get an off reservation casino. 
Here's a missive that went out to PDC's 4500 employees.  Lots of laughable points here, such as the "promise" of casino operations limited to Indian laughs. (They promised to limit machines, then Pechanga broke that promise by putting more CLass II machines in)   Remember when Pechanga tried to keep Californians from voting on expanded gaming.
Wonder if the No on 48 buttons are being worn yet?

Dear Team Members,

As we receive our ballots to vote on November 4th, many of you have asked about Proposition 48. Since the voter information guide is a bit confusing, maybe even misleading, we want to be clear that Prop. 48 is bad for the vast majority of tribes and California. Thus, we ask you to vote NO on Prop. 48. 

Proposition 48 is not about Indian gaming, it is about a Las Vegas Casino corporation (Station Casinos) attempting an end-run in order to place a new Indian casino in an urban area - away from existing tribal lands. In doing so, Proposition 48 breaks the promise that Pechanga and other tribes made to the voters of California: that Indian gaming would be limited to Indian lands. 

Prop. 48 would also be unfair to the vast majority of tribes in California that have honored the promise of limiting gaming to existing Indian lands. If approved, Prop. 48 would open the door to an expansion of gaming into urban areas. 

This is why we respectfully ask that you vote NO on 48 and encourage your family and friends to also vote NO on 48.  
Please contact Jacob Mejia at Jmejia@removedemailaddy if you have any questions. Thank you.


Board of Directors 



White Buffalo said...

I seen this the other day. What a joke. Pechanga does not care about anyone but Pechanga. It is about market share and profits. That's it.

DMiranda said...

Pechanga has every right to distribute this to their workers.
That they are corrupt is a separate issue.
That they are hypocrites is a separate issue

John Magee said...

I agree,.

Anonymous said...

As a disenrolled tribal member of the Coarsgold area Tribe yes on 48 I think it is a good idea and also im out fo work as of now do to that mess

Anonymous said...

STAND UP CALIFORNIA, the 3greedy tribes and the other SNAKES who hid behind rocks have somegall. No one askes how they got their OFF RESERVATIONS. They make people think that their casinos are on original trible lands.They have no souls and have no compassion for other less fortunate tribes. Stand up ca. is being funded by someone and they are pitting trlibe against tribe. It is just SHAMEFUL PLEASE VOTE YES ON 48

Anonymous said...

Is it really legal?..can an employer persuade its employees how to vote? could be seen as a threat of job.?

White Buffalo said...

My statement is true, I did not mention anything about being disenrolled. Yes you are right Pechanga can do pretty much what it wants, yet that does not make them right in their actions toward members or their employees. We disenrolled had strong ties to the land. They kicked us out because we were calling them out on unscrupulous acts. If we put their integrity and fair business practices toward their employees how do you think they would fair.

By the way I do not believe tribes should be allowed to put a casino on land that they could not claim as historically aboriginal. If you do not understand what that means, well it is simple. It is land they once lived on and used in the past, but were moved off or driven away from. Take for example the Gabriella tribe. They were removed from their ancestral land and now they are fighting for recognition and land. They are just as Indian as myself and my family yet they do not qualify because they have not had continues ties to that land. In my opinion they do deserve land and a casino. It is like being disenrolled. We still know who we are and where we come from. I do not like Pechanga. I do not trust Pechanga I do not care if you do not like that I post my feelings about them.

I forgot to ask you, what it is you think they're motivation is, if it is not market share and profit? I can pretty much assure you it is not for altruistic reasons like compact agreements or promises to the people of California or other tribes.

Anonymous said...

Vote no on 48. Build ur casino on ur reservation. Just like all the other tribes has too.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, You stated " all the other tribes has too." That is not true ! Name the tribes. The lands where these casinos have been built have been hand picked (location,location) that is the truth. Shameful behavior on the tribes with casinos. they use lies to stop other tribes and look at what they are doing to their people, SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR. Keep it up cause Karma has your numbers. VOTE YES YES YES >>>>on 48. Don't be deceived by this trash talk about Off Reservation.

White Buffalo said...

I would like to know the names of the tribes that built on non tribal lands. The way I understand it is for tribes to first be allowed to build they must first have land that was put into trust for them buy the federal government. Now that you know this please tell us of these tribes.

Oh by the way vote no on the proposition. It is not good for CA. This is probably the only time that my vote agrees with Pechanga. I will say this my motives and beliefs about the issue are more than likely not aligned with Pechanga. Theirs is about market share, power, and money, and mine are more about integrity of the culture to live by promise and agreement and harmony with my culture and environment, as well as, using only what I need for my family to live a peaceful and healthy life, so our spirits will not be in conflict with our actions. I want to keep my soul.

Anonymous said...

Pechanga does not want anyone to tell them what to do even if it would solve the disrespect broadcasted out by the bad actors. What makes it right for them to ask others to follow them, when they cant even allow the truth out instead of lies? Since you allow the lies to cover the truth, I say vote yes on Prop 48.

fullblood slapa'ho said...

Pechanga is a running joke, white men steal from them and they know this. How much has their per capita gone down, and how much more will it continue to do so? All you pseudo natives better open your eyes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

was north fork land put into trust by the federal government?

icitall said...

I will vote yes on 48.

A. Nony Mous said...

Sit Down California! Pechanga wants you to vote No on 48!!

Anonymous said...

I will use Thunder Valley as an example. As other tribes, Thunder Valley opened it's casino by utilizing exceptions in the law that DIDN'T REQUIRE state approval ! It is located on land outside of the tribes ORIGINAL land base.This is truly reservation shopping at it's finest. These tribes that are trying to stop North Fork think no one knows all the facts. They are all greedy hipocrits!!!!! Karma has a way of biting ones ass, so look out. Actually it looks like Karma is just around the corner for some of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way-

I am voting YES on 48.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the self interest that this tribe displays
Total disregard for for the truth once tribes had integrity and honor it is ashame.

Anonymous said...

Let's make it quite clear. It's not reservation shopping. It is reservation restoration.

Vote Yes on 48

Anonymous said...

I agree....I am voting yes on 48. why would you give Thunder Valley And Pechanga and FeatherFalls and Table Mountain any support. I will not go along with their lies.
Who made them the ones who decides who can or can"t have a casino? I will not support this and I hope you will also say "enough is enough" with their lies. Money and Power can be taken away by "OUR GRANDFATHER"

Tom said...

YES on 48

Historical events leave NFR (North Fork Rancheria) “landless” with no reservation to build on. Historically their ancestors would leave the mountains and live in the valley to hunt, fish, gather basket materials and trade. This is why NFR was allowed to acquire new Indian land 38 miles from their reservation because for part of the year that is where they lived.

The 305 acres near Madera was placed in trust two years ago and is legally tribal land. Proposition 1A: Gambling on Tribal Lands passed in 2000 doesn’t limit gambling on existing land or reservations, only tribal lands or Indian lands. The casino land is tribal land.

The exception to acquire new tribal land for casinos has existed 26 years. Only six casinos have ever navigated the expensive, time-consuming, and difficult process. The argument that this will open the doors for casinos to be built any and everywhere is ridiculous. This exception has existed for 26 years. Why haven’t tribes used this exception more often? Because it’s rarely approved by the feds.