Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pechanga's Culture of Corruption II: Pechanga Lawyer Macarro Accused of Threatening Tactics

It the recent handout from duly elected PDC official David Miranda, he accused Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians' legal counsel, John Macarro, little brother (literally) of the current chairman, Mark Macarro of threatening him. They are trying to say that David may have threatened tribal sovereignty and abused his authority by ASKING FOR PERMISSION from the PDC President and the CFO. Uh, wouldn't THEY be responsible, it that's if fact what happened and NOT David Miranda?

What could be the reasons for this? Retaliation against the Anthony Miranda family for putting forth a petition to HALT ALL DISENROLLMENTS in 2005? One that was constitutionally APPROVED by the Pechanga tribes and overturned by the Mark Macarro led tribal council? (with votes from Andrew Masiel Jr, Russell "Butch" Murphy and Mark Calac) OR more likely an attempt to manipulate the upcoming elections? Remember, TWO large families AND their votes were ELIMINATED from the tribe via disenrollment (see Pechanga's Indian Removal Acts.


About a week after this, Council sent John Macarro to threaten me saying that if I did not return the paperwork, the Council would have me removed from the PDC. I immediately called James Kawahara to find out if we could get the paperwork back; however, James told me that he ad already submitted th paperwork to the plaintiff as trial exhibits.

OP: Culture of corruption reminder. John Macarro had this to say about land that brother Mark PROMISED Congress would be used because it was culturally significant.

Here's a quote by John Macarro, shorter brother of Mark, from the Press Enterprise: In response, Pechanga's General Counsel John Macarro, wrote, "Once the land is placed in trust, a tribe has complete zoning and planning authority over it and can change land uses just as a county or city can change or update its general plan or zoning designations."

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