Wednesday, October 29, 2014

UPDATED: STAY CLOSED! Decision in CHUKCHANSI Matter By 2:30 Today; Judge

Looks like there were some FIREWORKS in court today, as Tex McDonald was warned by Judge today on his outbursts.

KSEE reporter Raquel Cervantes tweeted:

McDonald faction attorney says again he doesn't think judge has jurisdiction. Judge scolds him and says that's his last warning

Prior to that Raquel tweeted:
Judge says doesn't see that any Chukchansi faction has changed positions. Calls it "explosive keg" situation.

BREAKING: Federal judge grants preliminary injunction to keep Chukchansi casino closed. And...
BOOM: If ever there were irrefutable proof of the need for the injunction to continue, it would be the opposition documents received from the McDonald faction,” the judge wrote in his nine-page order issued at noon. “The McDonald faction argues that its incursion was a lawful effort to evict ‘trespassers’ from the casino, namely members of the Lewis-Ayala faction and the ‘mercenary’ private security service.

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fullblood slapa'ho said...

Keep this mockery of a casino closed!!

Anonymous said...

The judge ruled it stays closed. It's gonna end up like sheep ranch. Back to the original people from the land. How many miwok did it take to get it? 5 that's it 5.

Anonymous said...

You can't open it when one group is taking the money from another group and hiding it? ( plain and simple)

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

They are still unable to give up on their positions. Each faction refuses to budge from the positions that caused the problems in the first place. No one want to say they were in the wrong, that missing audits is unacceptable, that proper accounting of the revenue is necessary, that armed security guards should not enter the casino to force others out, that they are unfit to lead the tribe because they are failures as leaders, that they believe themselves to be sovereign and that the federal government should let them steal money from the people, fight among themselves, and disenroll without interference, and that they are not responsible for the damage caused to the tribe, the casino employees, and the community.

That is why the casino must stay closed. The faction leaders can't accept that they must comply with federal regulations and tribal law in order to operate a tribal gaming establishment. I still say that an emergency meeting of the General Membership should be called, that the BIA should be asked to monitor, that an election should be held, and that no leaders of any of the factions should be allowed to run for office. Elect new leaders, and instruct them them to work with the BIA, the court, and the community to correct the situation, provide assurances for the safety of patrons, make whatever changes are necessary to prevent something like this ever happens again, and to hold those who are responsible for the crimes they have committed.

That would go a long way toward restoring confidence in the tribe and their ability to participate in tribal gaming.

Anonymous said...

BIA work lmao that's a funny statement.

Anonymous said...

Morris Reid has continued his fight for the tribe without being paid this entire time. He continues to work with whoever will allow him to attend meetings. At no time has he ever behaved with violence. A peaceful (until Reggie arrived and tried to burn them out) sit in, after he was legitimately elected is the worst thing he has done in this fight.

You The General Membership need to come together. You don't need a Council Member to gather and make decisions. Stand Up! if you want to be counted.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

i disagree with your assessment of morris reid...dismemberment of over 600 chukchansi people IS violence, as well as a blatant violation of tribal, civil, and human rights in the theft of the very birthright of legitimate chukchansi people...the members of the 2006 prci tribal council which launched this illness include morris reid, dora jones, dustin graham, dixie jackson, harold hammond, joyce burel, and herb punkin...until those individuals who perpetrated the greatest initial destruction at picayune acknowledge their role in the chaos that is now picayune, and ALL chukchansi people are brought home for a "clean slate" election, NOTHING will change...

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Laugh all you want, but the BIA has to certify the election for new leaders to take office and be recognized instead of recognizing the last duly elected officers. If the tribe doesn't work with the BIA then they are stuck with the old leaders.

Anonymous said...

Well do not forget the Wyatt
the Ramirez family there all in
as well they start all this Bs
to. And when the election back
in 2010 09 all the voters voted
on Dixie,Dora, Harold, Morris
and they all won and they never
took there seat because Reggie
and Chance did not want to step
down and if there were men take
like a man and step down and when
it another election then run again
but hey there is greed for you all of them needs to be in the jail house wearing stripes and a
number and I think its coming
to them all that has runied for
everyone hey Reggie & Chance
great job good going.

Anonymous said...

Give it back to the people! Leave the casino closed! With it closed all those greedy people will go away! Morris can go back to his Navajo tribe, tex can go back to north fork. N reggie and his sister donna can go to hell! We dont want them around. Let's go back to being real indians. Keep the doors closed.

Anonymous said...

The rameriz family started the tribe the wyatts stole it and gave it to a Navajo and a mono. All you greedy bastards would have and be nothing with out the rameriz family starting the tribe. Keep it closed and see what you have now. Nothing!!!!! You greedy people always act like the rameriz family wants to take it from you when your the thieves. If Maryann rameriz didn't fight for recognition all of you would be nothing! Let's not forget that! What have your relations done? What have they fought for? They didn't fight for their lands to be recognized! Nope they fought for the money! And they all have no regard or respect for true culture, for true indian ways, all any of you greedy people want is money. "Where's my money, where's my free house, where's my free food...." greed.