Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Redskins Controversy: What Ray Halbritter of The Oneida Tribe DID to his OWN FAMILY is WORSE than a Mean Nickname

The flames that Ray Halbritter of the Oneida Nation is fanning concerning the Washington Redskins issue is NOTHING compared what he has wrought on his OWN family.

Watch this video and at the 7 minute mark,Hillary Clinton was called out on her failure to do what she promised would happen.  This was on Chris Matthew's SOFTBALL show.  He of course didn't follow up.

While I am of the opinion that the Redskins nickname IS offensive, my readers in a poll certainly did NOT.  That being said, the team nickname is NOT something our government should be hanging their hats on.  In fact, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell says the Redskins flap isn't on the radar for most Native People

It's the corruption, the abuse, the violations of civil and human rights that groups like the National Congress of American Indians is trying to avoid.  As we reported yesteday, The NCAI is avoiding the issue while giving time to the mascot "problem"

WATCH this video and SHARE on Facebook and Twitter to all your friends. And PLEASE, check out: Oneidas for Democracy for more on Halbritter and the damage done


Anonymous said...

The Oneida Nation Incorpration police are the only tribal police force with out any natives. The contract oin has with Cambria County in PA doesn't not have extradition procedures in place. The casino cops just come and kidnap you. The so called tribal court refuses to hear membership issues.

Anonymous said...

This is sad and it is happening through out all of Indian Country by greedy leaders and their lawyers. They are a disgusting representation of how a true Native American should behave, they are not Native, they do not respect the Sacred Circle, they are going against all that is Indian. This has got to stop. Somehow we, the dis-enrolled, all need to gather to fight this. I too have lost everything, and know many others, all because of the evil leaders' lies and offenses. It is a tare down emotionally, physically, and mentally and it affects more than just a pocket book, way more. I am so sorry for you Oneidas to be suffering this cruel so called leader. Positive Energy coming your way.

Anonymous said...