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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ashley Hutchinson on YES on Prop. 48:

Guest Blogger Ashley Hutchinson writes in support of Prop. 48.

Prop 48 truly makes me sad. Sad that the large tribes have so much power over the casinos and seemingly care more about their profits than they do cultural preservation. 

I'm not saying allow a casino to be built on every corner, but it's time for the smaller and less politically powerful tribes to have a say. It's unfair that the powerhouse tribes purposely try to squash the efforts of tribes like the Gabrieleno and Juanenos to receive the federal recognition they deserve because they're scared of "competition". 

The two tribes are not looking to build casinos, but rather preserve their culture, their language, their missions, and their heritage as a people of California's first ancestors. 

I'm not a California Indian but I am the mother of one, and for her sake I would like for her to grow up in a California that respects and honors her culture, not one that stomps on it for casinos and political profit. 

Sadly more people are wrapped up on renaming the Redskins instead of paying attention to what's happening to these small and rapidly declining California mission bands. 

I know when Tom McClintock agrees I'm in the right company.

Ashley Hutchinson a former political operative and wife/mother to a Gabrieleno.


Anonymous said...

What makes these tribe any better than the rest? Why should they get to choose the land they build on? Table mountian did not get to choose, nor did chukchansi. Both had to stay with in the boundaries of their lands. For north fork to claim some bull shit excuse that this was their land is dumb. All the local tribes traveled down to the river. And that land was as much theirs as it was north forks. I am sick of these greedy indians throwing the word sovereignty around to get what ever they want. They bank on the fact that, that word scares everybody. We are sovereign so we can do what ever the hell we want, and we will make as big of a stink and ruin as many lives as we deem necessary as long as our pockets get filled. Before another worthless casino is opened the bia needs to make a legit determination of who is who in any tribe. Don't leave it to the people they will only lie thru their teeth. If bia has records of natives from 1928 or before then go off that list of heirs. But no claimed indian should be taken at face value, they sell feathers and beads at any craft store now days. And there are too many who say "well I used to (insert tribe) but since we we rent recognized now I am (another tribe) if a Chinese man can't all of a sudden be Japanese, then what makes anybody think they can choose another tribe? A tribe is a race of people, just like any other race you can't choose. You are what your raised to be. No body is pure.....northfork indians are garbage, they give the mono people a bad name... it's their greedy people who "tribe hop" then they deny their own cousins, dora jones, tex mc donald, dixie jackson..... names sound familiar?????? That's right these are some of the same people who have caused so much damage to another tribe..... does california really need the same greedy group of people and Lawyers to destroy more of our state? North fork wants to shop around for the best profit margin for a casino..... make them build it in North fork. Every damn tribe had ties to every damn part of california, what makes northfork n these tribes deserve more????? Nothing!!!!! They are not special. If anything the blood lines from northfork should be stopped. The last thing california needs is a bunch of greedy ass mc donald monos ruling like kings.

OPechanga said...

In 2013, the federal government finally restored 305 acres within the tribe's ancestral territory in rural Madera County as official "Indian trust land." The tribe later obtained a state-tribal gaming compact, negotiated by Gov. Jerry Brown and ratified by a bipartisan majority of the state Legislature, for gaming on that land.

Anonymous said...

isn't the date the land needs to be in trust by in order to be qualified for gaming and doesn't it need to be in the boundaries of the original reservation this is all in the compact. or is the compact out the door and Jerry brown is out there with his hand out.

White Buffalo said...

Yes the tribal land must be in trust. That is the issue with the Gabrieleno tribe. She is on the council and they have been fighting for recognition for the last 20 years maybe even more. The history of the tribe is true. They were removed when LA was invaded by setters. They are a people who are landless. That does not make them any less Indian.

The issue with prop 48 is a separate issue and should not be confused with landless tribes. It is wrong of the large tribes like Pechanga to stop or influence the self determination of another tribe. As for the tribe who wants to build on land that is not in trust like up north or in Barstow that is not what we agreed to with prop 1A. Go through the in trust process and then you are within your right.

You can take a lesson from Pechanga in that once you get the property into trust you can do what you want with it. Even if you tell congress that you will not de3velop the land. Once it is in trust you can build your casino or golf coarse.

Anonymous said...

no there is a date the land needs to be in trust to meet the terms of the compact. I believe it is up to 1978. any land after the date can not be used for gaming.

Anonymous said...

Which means the land put into trust in 2013 is invalid. I am not saying all tribes are the same but north fork is only profit shopping for their casino. They should NOT be allowed to build unless it is with in their lands. GOV. Jerry Brown is a jackals who doesn't know squat except the money waved under his nose by these horrible people.

Anonymous said...

So a yes vote is like jury nullification?

Anonymous said...

A yes vote is for fairness.

Anonymous said...

When a person or tribe tries to falsify statements like Pechanga, Table Mountain, Thunder Valley and Feather Falls that is really hitting a low ! It is shameful for them to try and sway the vote. They know they are lying and I just hope the voters see thru their scheme. Profit shopping, REALLY. Maybe these tribes need to read the rules and examine how their tribes got their casinos. Fair is fair so please vote yes on 48. It is shameful so SHAME ON YOU .

Anonymous said...

How are the mission bands "small and rapidly declining"? Tribal members are producing children like rabbits.