Sunday, January 13, 2008

No on Props 94, 95, 96,97: What is a Modest Increase in Slots?

One of the pro expanded gaming commercials running now (paid for by $50 million from the big 4 tribes) claims that the agreements would allow a "modest increase in slot machines" to the tribes. Let's examine that claim.

Current slots: 8,000 New slots available with compact: 17,000 Therefore a modest increase in slots, according to the tribes is 212.5%

I encourage all workers at Pechanga to ask for a "modest increase" in salary.

The $ 8 an hour Janitor will now make: $17 per hour ($16,000 per year to $35,000)
The $12 an hour restaurant manager will now make: $25.50 per hour
The $16 an hour Pit boss will now make $34 per hour ($32,000 per year to $70,000)
The $32 an hour executive will now make $68 per hour

Do you think Pechanga would think those salary increases "modest"? Union organizers, please use the term MODEST in your next negotiations.

Vote NO to a modest increase, No to Pechanga. Please write the casino and ask them to give a modest increase of 212.5% to their employees.
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