Saturday, June 20, 2020


Walter Ruiz, watch the video (I don't have an embed code) to see how he responds to finding out he and his chapter are no longer a Sanctioned Chapter with National AIM.

From Indigenous Activist Julian Sanchez
He responds to accountability by saying he wants NONE (We dont want to answer to no one) he says , HE/THEY are moving away from National and that HE wants to create a California AIM and make it how AIM used to be?

The toxic behavior, misogyny, disrespect, no accountability to the people of the land you reside on, treating elders like shit, treating women like shit and not giving a f**k about accountability, He had no real teachers OR he didn't listen and learn from them. He is all ego with no humility. 

AIM was first and foremost a spiritual movement, which is something he seems to know nothing about. More people and communities are bringing the truth out about him and his group that intimidates, disrespects and tries to force respect out of people and communities. F**K him, and all those that support him and his group

We will follow up when we get word from AIM on this issue. Walter Ruiz' appropriation of the American Indian Movement is shameful.
Video here on the then sanctioned AIM of SoCal's support of oil industry   and we published the letter from INDIGENATION, that exposed some of AIMSoCal's subterfuge.

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