Thursday, June 18, 2020

AIM of So CAL has been UNSANCTIONED by AIM Grand Governing Council

We posted yesterday on this issue with So Cal AIM and their support of the oil industry, as well as their lack of respect for other Native Groups.  Frank Paro's NUCLEAR OPTION engaged here.

BACKSTORY:  The SoCalAIM chose sides in the Tongva disputes.  They would have done more good to get them all together, to solidify their claim for federal recognition.

From: American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council
Attn: Walter Ruiz Aim So Cal, Southern California, AKA AIM Santa Barbara

This email is to serve notice and inform you that the American Indian Movement of (So Cal) Southern Califonia, AKA AIM Santa Barbara is Officially Unsanctioned.

This email is to serve notice and inform you that the American Indian Movement of (So Cal) Southern Califonia, AKA AIM Santa Barbara is Officially Unsanctioned.


Anna Christensen said...

Thanks for posting and sharing. These individuals are partly responsible for the success of the oil company's disinformation campaign. We continue to fight the project through a lawsuit against the California Coastal Commission who approved Beach Oil Minerals project in 2018. As the director of AIM So Cal, Walter Ruiz ordered members not to become involved with the struggle to stop BOM's massive expansion of oil operations in the Los Cerritos Wetlands in Long Beach (part of the Sacred Site of Puvungna). Protect the Long Beach/Los Cerritos Wetlands Coalition takes direction from traditional tribal elders and includes tribal and environmental organizations and @500 individuals. We oppose the destruction of natural habit and cultural sites in the Los Cerritos Wetlands and risking public health by expanding oil extraction from 300 to 24,000 barrels of oil per day. A pipeline is proposed through the wetlands and over an earthquake fault. Rebbeca Robles, Acjachemen, called this "Our Standing Rock." When the oil company won approval from the California Coastal Commission, Dee Dee, wearing AIM insignia on her vest, video posted "We Won." Since AIM does not support oil drilling, we circulated and objected to the post. As of now, the Kizh continue to support the oil drilling project and are also the tribal consultants and tribal monitors on a second "restoration" project in the Los Cerritos Wetlands. This new Los Cerritos Wetlands Restoration Project will virtually destroy all 500 acres of existing wildlife and wetlands habitat by bulldozing, flooding, or burying it under giant berms designed to protect oil operations, power plants and commercial buildings. Cultural and possibly burial sites will be unearthed. The Project EIR is open for comment until July 6th. To learn more email me or visit/join/message Protect the Long Beach/Los Cerritos Wetlands on FB.

NKent805 said...

AIM So Cal is also okay with the Black Panthers and BLM appropriation and Anti Indigenous erasure of Native American Identity, Culture , heritage and achievements . They are fine with the violent rhetoric against indigenous women and girls and appropriation of our struggles for representation, residential schools, and Racism and bias in California school systems. Did you hear what Vetta White said in front of AIM and the RSUSD in Riverside Cal. and the racist school teach Candace Reed? She claimed California was Black Aboriginal land and that Blacks were Indigenous to California and America. She is a pseudo history believer that Blacks are Indigenous, Not Native Americans. Go to her FB page and see the filth she believes.

Sawatis (John) Frushell said...

Walter Ruiz is, and always has been a poser.