Monday, June 22, 2020

Tribal Disenrollment's Historical Trauma to 21st Century Native Youth

So proud of my cousin, Cassie Whitten, who explains the effects of disenrollment.   Tribal Heritage is stripped away, segregation ensues.
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Cassie writes: 
Everyone had their own experiences and traumas and I do not want to offend anyone. I am simply speaking for me and my experience from being shunned and kicked out of my community, school, and cultural classes at AGE 7. I was a child that had every right to be going to school and learning from my people. This is my families land. It’s Paulina Hunters land. It’s my families land who are decedent(s) from her. Our families who are related to Paulina Hunter did not deserve this mistreatment, we are all from Pechanga. Everyone on this reservation knows who we are and that we belong here. It’s time to step up and make actual change, together. Do not be like the colonizers... that is not our people. This is not traditional.
Dr. John R. Johnson I want to thank you for helping my family. You are a blessing to us


remy said...

Good job Cassie!

Anonymous said...

It’s sad to hear this and that it even happens. Our ancestors went through this when mission were created, and to see people doing it within their own families is scary. Sending prayers to you and your family.