Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Redding Rancheria Chairman PRAYS on Martin Luther King Day

Object is larger than it appears
A civil rights VIOLATOR prays and walks in memory of a man who stood for civil rights. Hypocrite, thy name is Jack Potter.Redding Rancheria Tribal Chair Jack Potter was one of several spiritual leaders who offered a prayer before the march in Redding on Martin Luther King day.  Is it like a guy who kills his parents then, prays because he's an orphan?

Jack Potter helped disenroll the family of the first tribal chairman Bob Foreman..but NOT until AFTER they forced the Foreman family to desecrate their ancestor for DNA. YES digging up her remains for DNA, and the NOT ACCEPTING the findings, because you know, 99.8% wasn't conclusive enough. 


Remember he was at STANDING ROCK
Praying for Sioux ancestors after desecrating his own tribal kin?

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