Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Visual Aid for The Number of DISENROLLED in Indian Country, You'd need a Train 3 miles long to hold JUST the LIVING

We use the number 11,000 for the disenrolled in Indian Country.  In trying to make the impression with math, I used this metric:  An Amtrak rail car can hold roughly 65 passengers and is 85 feet long.

To hold all disenrolled, the train would have to have 169 passenger cars that are 85 feet long and with the needed engines, it would be THREE MILES LONG.  And, that would NOT include our deceased ancestors that were ALSO stripped of their citizenship...some a CENTURY after they died.

THE 6 cars here must be multiplied x 28 to get the true visual

Six cars times 28 = 168 cars, STILL SHORT for 11,000


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Anonymous said...

It will all come back to them in the end. Their ancestors are sad and distraught that they have chose the way of their oppressors. Blinded by greed, hate and fear. Pathetic Casino Indians. The Great Spirit sees all... Prayers up. A'HO.