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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Pala's Robert Smith Eradicates CUPENO INDIANS Who Get NO JUSTICE from their 1903 Trail of Tears

ACEE AGOYO of INDIANZ has the FULL STORY   Robert Smith of Pala eradicated the Cupeno Indians...but only from the Pala band via disenrollment.  They are FIGHTING BACK.

The tribe's unique history had long been reflected in how it appeared on the BIA's annually-published list: as the "Pala Band of Luiseño Mission Indians of the Pala Reservation, California." With the Cupeño descendants largely out of the picture, though, there was no need to remind everyone of the distinct communities on the reservation. Starting in 2016, as the last of the anti-disenrollment lawsuits was defeated in the federal courts, the tribe became simply known as the "Pala Band of Mission Indians."

BACKGROUND for PALA Disenrollment/Injustice

Pala Disenrollments from LA TIMES
Pala dispute leads to extermination of Indians
Pala Band of Mission Indians Terminates 154
Pala Disenrolls families
Pala disenrollments led to hardship     PALA WATCH

But while though the BIA was intimately involved in the disenrollment dispute that preceded the request, officials in Washington, D.C., felt little sympathy toward the descendants of the people who were forced to walk that Trail of Tears back in 1903. They refused to add tribe to the list, arguing that the bad blood with the Luiseño wasn't enough to acknowledge the separate status of the Cupeño.

In the final full year of the Obama administration, the BIA wrote that “the people now seeking federal recognition as the Agua Caliente Tribe of the Cupeño Indians of the Pala Reservation are, or were until recently, members of the Pala Band of Mission Indians, a federally recognized tribe.”

See the link above for the rest


Anonymous said...

No one living in Pala will get justice for any thing until the time comes that their Chairman and their Treasurer are either dead or in prison.
So the choice is yours, either make them go away or get the evidence needed to have them put in prison.
Those are the only two choices that you have because everything has been tried in the legal system and there is always the same outcome which is a "BIG NOTHING".

Anonymous said...

The horror in Pala will continue until the members grow some balls and stop it.
The members keep making excuses as to why they don't take any action against the corruption of their leaders.
I think that they like being treated like little kids and being told what to do other wise someone would take the step and motion for impeachment of the one on the EC that are responsible for all the drama in Pala.
So good luck Pala on any changes soon, unless someone is willing to put it all on the line and make that move.

Anonymous said...

Pala please listen to me.
All it would take to get the evidence needed is an Audit of the Tribes finances and that's it.
Go this ASAP and no one gets hurt and no one gets in any trouble for going after the corrupt tribal leaders.
I am sure there is at least 2 members brave enough to make the motion and one to second the motion and vote.
If passed, then you will know just like the
Tribe that just recently did this action and indicted some of it's people involved in the corruption of their tribe, like Leslie Lohse
who is close to Robert Smith in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

There is your chance Mr. FBI.
You can tie these two to the corruption at Pala with Smith, Nieto and Leslie Lahse.
They have strong ties, the three of them.

Anonymous said...

Finally, i heard today that the Feds have agreed to look into the relationship of the portly chairman at pala and his ties to the
once respected Leslie Lohse.
She and the pala chairman along with the pala
finance leader, T. Nieto have strong ties
that go back many years.
Hope is there that they will finally be brought to there knees.

Anonymous said...

I wish that they would slap the cuffs on that
fat pig ass looking son of a bitch at a public event where he is supposed to be the "MAN" so the entire public can see what a fake he really is.
He has earned it.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that Robert Smith and Theresa Nieto will soon, (very soon) be looking for a bail bondsman.
The big day is very near.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Rob Smith has gotten a lot worse after Nieto was elected to serve on the EC.
She runs Robert Smith like a red headed stepchild and he jumps when she tells him to.
She is actually the person that is running the the reservation.
She will make up shit to make people look bad and she will lie until the end of time just to get her way on any and all issues.
She is the scum of the reservation and she needs to be gone by any means possible.