Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Falmouth Institute Getting Another Look for their Disenrollment Seminars

We know that many tribes have attended the Falmouth Institutes seminars which include HOW to disenroll.  In fact, we know that Pechanga sent enrollment committee members. Even Mark Macarro's cousin had a representative there as speaker
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This past week, we've seen their name again, like it's new news. it's not.  Dr. David Willkins wrote about Falmouth in 2014 along with other for-profit institutions.  I commented about them in 2017 Native America Calling story. But, we must keep re-telling these stories, so that more people can learn, and fewer people can say, we didn't know.

Indian gaming has brought these groups forward, they used Falmouth in 2006.
The Eastern Band of Cherokee used them for an enrollment audit. Pechanga wouldn't because they knew the evidence that Paulina Hunter was Pechanga was OVERWHELMING and would destroy their narrative. If the tribe wanted the real story, and Falmouth was any good, the number of people removed would be staggering.

Do you think tribes using the phrase, "correcting our membership rolls" was a coincidence?  Can't be...guess where they learned it?  Chukchansi's Morris Reid said it. When I  have more time, I'll put into this post the other times it's been used.

Still think disenrollment is NOT about the MONEY?  It is in many ways, including these for profit disenrollment factories.  Disenrollment has happened to over 11,000 Native Americans, how many have to be disenrolled for it to be wrong.

From a 2013 email from me to a news reporter, here were the topics for Falmouth's seminar including Disenrollment

  • Disenrollment procedures
  • Abandonment
  • Relinquishment
  • Removal from reservation
  • What you’ll face after disenrolling a member
  • How disenrollment affects the future of enrollment
  • Temporary disenrollment
  • Appeals process
  • P.L. 280 states vs. non P.L. 280 states
9 years after Pechanga's first disenrollment and Redding Rancheria's disenrolloment, they were still doing disenrollment seminars.

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