Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Jack Potter, Redding Rancheria Chairman BECLOWNS HIMSELF/Tribe

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The HONORABLE Jack "ass" Potter

The Redding Rancheria Tribe announced that they will be continuing with the placement of the Win-River Casino at Strawberry Fields in Redding during Tuesday's city council meeting.

"We are the original people and we have suffered enough," said Redding Rancheria Tribal Chairman Jack Potter Jr. at the meeting.

OP: Are you FUCKING KIDDING me, YOU ASSHOLE? You have allowed the family of YOUR FIRST CHAIRMAN after restoration, to SUFFER 15 YEARS of disenrollment and DEATH without Justice.  

YOU and YOUR family stole their birthright because of GREED and POWER.  YOUR family/tribe FORCED the FOREMANS to DIG UP the remains of their elders, for a DNA test which YOU and YOUR TEAM didn't accept.   NOW you want a new location after buying their land?.   

The group Speak Up Shasta brought up their concerns, along with neighbors who say the traffic and noise would be a major issue. In response, the tribe said before the council they will not build the proposed amphitheater, as a compromise.

"We hear and understand about the potential of noise and light," said a representative at the meeting.

This decision comes just over a week after the Redding City Council sent a letter opposed to the proposal.

The tribe did not list a specific date as to when the project will be finished with construction.


Danita Quinn said...

So much BS always trying to bring the Redding Rancheria down by insulting its Members in anyways they can. Atleast they could of done is updated his picture to show his weight loss and I’m sure the theory of his weight loss would of been a good one.
Tribe against Tribe is so insulting to ones self. Once again doing the job of self destruction to its own people. Bummer.

I am not and have never been for dissenrollment or denial of Native people and there rights. I believe it is only fair to provide what a Tribe asks for under their laws. I don’t see what enrollment has to do with the new Casino Project though . And just some FYI, Anonymous? Really!!! Is this grade school? Is Jack a one man team here ? It really doesn’t matter the outcome at this point. Who wrote the laws ? I don’t believe Jack did it but himself. Wasn’t Foreman’s in there writing all legal papers? If not then who did?

Conrad Foreman said...

My family provided legal documents as well as DNA evidence to the corrupt tribal council of Redding Rancheria. The proof was in front of them. But there plan was to always get rid of my family. Certain tribal members were extremely jealous of what my grandfather accomplished for them and the tribe. Chairman potter speaks of honor then why doesnt he speak against what happened to his 1st tribal Chairman? My grandfather did great things for his tribe. After everything he accomplished for his people he never deserved to be stabbed in the back like that. Redding Rancheria violated civil and human rights so my family voices against this corrupt tribe. They hide behind sovereignty like cowards and that is the truth. Chairman potter can easily speak up against disenrollment but sadly he voted against my family to disenroll us. To me he is a coward and cares about his monthly income from a casino that sits on Foreman land.

Conrad Foreman said...

What Redding Rancheria did was evil and corrupt. People need to stop defending this evil tribe for what they've done. Should we make fun of chairman potter? No. But ill always call him out for remaining silent on the evil the tribe has done. The good Redding Rancheria has done make up for the evil they've done? No it doesn't. These corrupt members are fake for the public image. Honestly they are cowards who only care about there monthly income from a Casino a Foreman got for them. Im not saying all members of the tribe are corrupt and greedy, but they need to stand up against there corrupt tribal council and make it right with my Family. The power is always with the people, NOT the council! Even behind sovereignty. The PEOPLE of Redding Rancheria need to make it right.

OPechanga said...

I apologize for using a FAT picture of a stupid fat fuck...

Anonymous said...

This porter fat fuck looks like he could be related to the Pala Chairman another fat fuck.
No chin and no neck just fat holding his head on the rest of his body.

Anonymous said...

Is that one of those little spare tires that his head is sitting on.