Friday, January 31, 2020

INDIANZ.COM Focuses on the #StopDisenrollment Campaign WITH HUGE ARTICLE

Thank you  Kevin Abourezk  for this article on tribal disenrollment and the #stopdisenrollment campaign.  We have a host of links about disenrollment here

The 9-year-old girl couldn’t understand.
How could anyone tell her she was no longer Modoc? And if she was no longer Modoc, what was she?

Her mother Syd Colombe struggled to answer her questions.
She tried to convince her daughter to not allow their family’s disenrollment from the Modoc Nation to affect her sense of identity.
“You’re always Modoc,” Colombe told her. “Nobody will ever tell you that you’re not. Nobody can ever take that from you.”
In May, Colombe learned her tribe’s leadership had removed her and most of her family from the tribe’s citizenship rolls, adding them to the thousands of Native people to be stripped of their tribal citizenry.

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