Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are Glenda Nelson and Jack Potter Jr Appropriate Choices or the Tribal Nations Leadership Council?

Glenda Nelson of Enterprise Rancheria and Jack Potter Jr. from Redding Rancheria are not just appropriate choices to sit on the Tribal Nations Leadership Council, they may be the best qualified to sit on the Council.

"How can that be?" you ask. Well, as our friends have noted: Who better to provide insight to the Department of Justice on civil rights than the biggest violator's walking the planet. As a commenter put it, it's like having a child molester babysit.

Quite simply, the U.S Department of Justice does not have the authority to enforce the Indian Civil Rights Act:

Thousands of Indians from throughout the United States understand all too well that the DOJ does not enforce the ICRA. And tribal leaders such as Nelson and Potter, as well as Mark Maccaro and Chad Smith, among others, know that the DOJ's failure to uphold federal law creates opportunities for them to violate the ICRA without fear of retribution. In Macarro's case, disenrollment of 25% of the tribe was worth more than $20,000 per month to him over the past four years! A $MILLION$ to him, his family and friends, EACH, is worth violating a few civil rights.

In fact, it might be said that some tribal leaders, Nelson and Potter included, have gained substantially both personally and politically due to the DOJ's failure to protect the citizens of the Enterprise and Redding Rancherias from the arbitrary and capricious acts which were outlawed by the ICRA. Power, money both influence corruption. And when you know Eric Holder won't do anything about it, why do what's right, when doing what's wrong is so much more lucrative.

All things considered, Nelson and Potter are perfect fits for a Department that has failed Indians and Indian Country time and time again. This particular Department of Justice has proven its incompetence time and again, such as not reading AZ's immigration law, denigrating it, while having a policy that supports it.

However, if you don't agree with this, and think that honor has a place in this committee, please feel free to express your concerns to the DOJ by contacting Tracy Toulou ( and Gaye Tenoso (


Anonymous said...

AG Holder screwed up the Black Panther voter intimidation case too!

OPechanga said...

This is from their charter: Primarily, the TNLC is expected to provide perspective on the Department's activities in Indian Country and raise issues that have tribal implications. Possible areas of discussion include, but are not limited to, law enforcement, civil rights, tax issues, environmental concerns and issues regarding sacred sites.

What are they going to say? Civil Rights? Civil Rights? We don't give no civil rights?

Anonymous said...

all the more reason for Nick Rahall to hold hearings immediately

Anonymous said...

All the more reason for Holder to resign for incompetence, you mean.