Monday, January 23, 2017

Supreme Court DENIES Review in Aguayo v. Jewell Case of BIA FAILURE of Trust Responsibility

Sad news in Aguayo v. Jewell the Supreme Court Denies review of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Aguayo v. Jewell

Read more about the Aguayo Case Here  and we wrote about the EPIC FAILURE of the BIA in the matter  HERE


Anonymous said...

Well I guess there is only one way left to get justice for the people that were wronged by Robert Smith and Theresa Nieto.

Anonymous said...

Robert Smith and Theresa Nieto are as corrupt as they come. Money has taken over their harts and souls.
They lied about every detail concerning the disenrollments and until such time as they come clean they are taking a big chance as to where they will end up when they die.
Who knows when that will happen, soon we hope.
People ask for justice everyday so they are walking on very thin ice.
Looking at Robert Smith, he looks like he has 1 foot in the grave and the other on a banana peal.
Slip you fucker and take your fantasy wife Nieto with you.

Anonymous said...

Robert smith and the e.c. lies to the people again they said that the court agrees that Margarita brittian is only,1/2 indian,the courts believe she is 4/4 so does the b.i.a. The court don't want to get involved in tribal stuff.why wont the e.c. let us bring our paper work to the people,and the e.c bring theirs.they lie,all those who stand with the lie WILL STAND BEFORE GOD.