Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nooksack Tribes Kelly HOLDOVER COUNCIL Subject of RICO Lawsuit

This could be the plan of attack for all tribes that have used their membership to garner federal dollars, and then not inform the government that they are out, or continuing to deny benefits to those under disenrollment actions, while still "counting them" as members to enrich the tribe or themselves:

Nooksack Protesters to the Criminal Actions of the
Bob Kelly Faction.


Since at least March 2016, Defendants Kelly, George, Smith, Solomon, Johnson, and Canete (collectively, “Holdover Council Defendants”) have falsely behaved and represented themselves as the Nooksack Indian Tribe (“Tribe”) or Nooksack Indian Tribal Council (“NITC”).
RICO Defendants’ acts and omissions were deliberate and part of a scheme that began by December 2015 to defraud Plaintiffs of money, property, and benefits of monetary value by depriving them of Tribal citizenship through false pretenses and representations. 

CALL YOUR ATTORNEYS Disenrolled...and SHARE this with your teams. Oh, no wait...just sit back and don't get involved....that's a better plan right?

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Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Looks like valid causes of action against tribal leaders who are not protected by sovereign immunity. I hope the court makes quick work of this.