Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Former Pala Council Member Kilma Lattin on PALA KILLINGS and Tribal Mortality Rate

Pala's membership CONTINUES to shrink and not from their shameful disenrollments of members, but from MURDER and health issues   Here is former council member Kilma Lattin on the mortality rate at Pala.

“It’s beyond words at this moment. It’s just something that we’re all trying to take in,” said Kilma Lattin, a relative of the victim and a former Pala Tribal council member.
Kilma Lattin
former Council Member PALA

Lattin says the victim has been through a lot in her life.

“The victim laid her youngest son to rest a few years ago and then about 10 days ago, one of her twin daughters passed away and the very next day, the other twin had a stroke,” said Lattin.

On Sunday afternoon, the victim buried her daughter who passed away.  Several hours later, she was murdered.

It’s unclear if the victim was parked in front of her home. The word is she and others in the community knew her killer.

Lattin says there’s growing concern about the number of members who’ve died on the reservation since 2012.  He says the mortality rate has skyrocketed. He believes it’s due to a deeper social crisis.

“There’s definitely a social undercurrent that’s happening here that’s not being talked about and I think there are people here are scared to talk about it,” said Lattin. “I think there’s fear of reprisal from authorities on the local reservation.”

He says in any other community, this would be considered a public health crisis.

Lattin adds in the first three weeks of 2017, the tribe has already lost three members.



Anonymous said...

The silence is deafening; the Pala Executive committee is partially to blame, Rob Smith embraces his thug mentality, his daughter riding around with assault weapons, the other entangled with the first murder, no one to regulate the money and a brother who was the main drug dealer in town, his close friends who engage in a thug mentality, intimidation and disenrollments a tool to shut up those who ask for accountability, silencing members by withholding human rights and per capita, and no one in the United States govt will use their federal power to stop this insanity. I wonder if it will ever stop and feel Pala is a dangerous place to be. The families of the murder victims are suffering. What a sad state. Well, at least Kilma was brave enough to speak out, but now we will see Rob seek his own revenge because everyone is too concerned about loosing their per capita to do the right thing. Even knowing how other non newsworthy events have occurred, the school being on lock down because of the lawless mentality of members or friends of members, it's unbelievable how people can't get the correlation between bad leaders with no moral compass and the state of the Palace tribe. This tribe is cursed, not only because of the wrongful actions of the disenrollments, but even more so, the members do not take actions to correct the situation because they don't want lose their per capita. Guess what, shit trickles down everyone. Rob and his crew are not making the right choices for the Palace Tribe, they are manipulating you and eventually they will bankrupt the tribe. Yes it happens and too bad you stood by, said nothing and let it happen. Sad to see people dying, 3 murders in one year, all within a 1/4th mile radius, when are you going to wake up! If you are holding your breath waiting for him to step down or die of natural causes, that's not going to happen, petition to have all EC members removed for not doing their job in protecting the community, for creating a culture of hostility, for mismanagement if your money, for being just in general horrible leaders.

Anonymous said...

Again the wrong people are dying and dropping like flies.
This seems to be the plan of the Pala EC.
The EC needs to be taken out ASAP before they destroy any other Families.
They seem to have a pattern that they have put into action if you think about it.
Just like with the last murder.
The EC targeted her at a meeting two months ago and kicked her male friend out of Pala for dealing drugs.
They boarded up her home because they said that she did not comply with the rules of the EC.
And now she is dead.
Who is next to be a target for the Smith and the EC.
Maybe you or a family member or close friend?
Take whatever action needs to be taken and have them removed from the
EC now before it's to late.
This Reservation does not belong to Robert Smith or to Theresa Nieto.
Neither one of them have a right to be seated on the EC in the first place because neither one posses any Cupa blood.
Are you OK with that?

Anonymous said...

So sad that tribes just can't do the right thing and protect all their people...

Anonymous said...

The Pala EC is like the mob, and they can make you or destroy you, while the law enforcement of this state that is suppose to Protect and Serve seems to only mean that when it is for someone in power. The murders have got to stop. DOesn't Robert have surveillance cameras everywhere? If he cared about the members he would be a true leader and put a stop to them, he knows who did it, he probably hired him to do it. Also, The cops should check the drugs that are going around Pala, there is something added to them that is giving the people heart-attacks or strokes, they found they can eliminate people that way without any questions asked. Why are so many people under 50 having strokes or Heart-attacks? If it was alcohol related, we would hear liver problems or diabetes. Check the drugs, follow the money. These are our people, we need to correct this evil and eradicate it, or Pala and it's true people will be no more. Robert is destroying the tribe. Stand up together and get him out, the general council has the power, everything at Pala is for all members, not just for the Mob.

Anonymous said...

Where was Kilma when the disenrollments started? Oh that's right, rubber stamping everything Robert Smith wanted. Kilma is becoming quite the politician playing both sides of the issues to his advantage. Kilma cares about one thing...Kilma.

Anonymous said...

Robert Smith's legacy...

Anonymous said...

People need to look beyond the obvious. Drugs are definitely involved. The victim was well-known as a supplier and provider. However, there is more to the rash of murders and deaths than meets the eye.

One thing is certain: The Pala Executive Committee is working hard to avoid doing anything that will interfere with the drug trafficking, the murders, or the increased mortality rate.

They do not speak out against the violence. They do not cooperate with the investigations. They do not rally the members together to stop the violence. They do not address the drug problem. They do not attend the funerals. They do not offer sympathy. They do not assist with burial expenses.

The job of Pala Security is to protect the criminals and enable the corruption of Robert Smith. They are absolutely useless in preventing crime and violence. This is the Pala that Robert Smith has created. The members are seeing the consequences of doing nothing to stop him.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

icitall said...

Ironically, its the hog leading the people to slaughter at Pala and not the other way around.