Monday, January 23, 2017

Republican Native Americans Jostling for Positions in the new TRUMP Administration

WHICH one, will protect the individual Indian?

It wasn't that long ago when  all the discussion was on who HILLARY's choice for Native American advisers was the discussion.  Most people, including me thought she'd blow and GOP, including Trump out of the water..nope, she was a disappointing candidate at best.  But at least HOLLY COOK MACARRO didn't get into a position of power...

Rob Capriccioso has a post up in Indian Country Media Network on the REPUBLICAN Natives jockeying for position.   Carlyle Begay Navajo and former GOP congressman from AZ, seems to have a leg up, as White House adviser, but from comments on some Facebook pages, seems to have drawn the ire of many leftist Natives.

But what about AS - IA candidates?

PLEASE SAY NO TO CARL ARTMAN, he was HORRIBLE to those of us looking for justice.

Here are some other candidates, what is your opinion?

Jerry Ward - a former Alaska state senator, who was called on by the Trump transition team to become a tribal liaison in the fall.

Jana McKeag, a Cherokee Nation citizen with extensive federal and legal Indian policy experience;

Gavin Clarkson, a Choctaw citizen with an esteemed background in academia focused largely on tribal economic policy and development.

WILL ANY support and protect the thousands of individual Indian people from throughout Indian Country have been victimized by arbitrary and unjust acts of tribal officials?

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