Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UPDATE: Pechanga.net Says NCTimes Editorial Not Up to "Standards". What Standards?

UPDATE:  The issue with the backdating has been fixed.  As you can see, Rob said he posted the editorial that came out on the 17th, on the 16th!   That has now been changed and they've changed the backdating to the 17th.  Amazing how time travel works at the Rocha site....
UPDATE:  Pechanga.net has now added the post to their archive.  A nice bit of backfill to put in the post.  Here's the email I got from Rob:
Yes, an oversight on your part. I posted that editorial on 4/16. Here's the proof:
With our new and improved website comes a new and improved search function. Try it yourself to find the articles we supposedly missed. If you can't find an article on our site, then we can discuss whether we missed it.

I Now say:   Thanks Rob, for posting the article on PechangaNet on 4/16 when it had a publish date on 4/17!

By The Californian opinion staff North County Times - The Californian  Posted: Sunday, April 17, 2011 12:00 am
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I guess Rob and Victor need to coordinate on what their standards are.  Or let Rob take over the operation, as he's either psychic or has a line on what the NCTimes posts.

On Monday, April 18th, we posted on an editorial by the North County Times on The Pechanga Tribe's Moral Obligation to Temecula.     Some commenters wrote that they were sure that the editorial wouldn't make Pechanga.net, as it's proprietor, Victor "STFU" Rocha, is Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro's first cousin.

There was supposed to be a policy change, as described by Rocha associate Rob SchmidtMy claim supersedes Victor's claim and I've explained why repeatedly. If he fails to post something, which he hasn't done in years, I'll post it for him.

Well, that simply isn't true.  They failed to report on Chairman Macarro's Recall, which was not successful and as commenters said, the editorial didn't make it either, though the site did rush to get up the bad news about former Soboba Chairman Robert Salgado's sentencing.   I sent an email to both Rocha and Rob:

I didn't see this editorial on Pechanga.net. A link is included in the post. I'm sure it was an oversight.

I got a response from Rocha:    LOL!! Nope. Saw it. It wasn’t up to our standards.

So there you have it.  A news organization like the North County Times doesn't write up to the "standards" of Victor Rocha who has admitted to censoring news:

  While Rocha's site is packed with links to articles, he says he is selective and doesn't post articles that aid the opposition.

"I don't put it all up - it's not what you put up, it's what you don't put up."

Rocha's site even has a "MORON ALERT" on articles he doesn't agree with, so I'm surprised the NCTIMES editorial board didn't even rate that.  Can Pechanga.net be taken seriously?  What else has been kept quiet by Rocha and his team?   The comment section of this BLOG POST is good reading, please take a look.
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