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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Disenrollment, is Indian De-Population: Tribal Governments Violating rights, Disenrolling, Disenfranchising, Reclassifying, Denying or placing in Moratorium and Banishing Members

In a recent post by Steve Russell in Indian Country, he said he couldn't name many of the tribes.  Thanks to Alice Langton-Sloan, Vice President of the American Rights and Resources Organization (AIRRO)  WE HAVE the DETAILS.. read them...and weep for the injustice.

In case you don't have your calculator handy, the number EXCEEDS 11,000

Northern California Southern California  The Other 49 States of the United States
V/M Berry Creek - 27 V/M Bishop Timbisha Shoshone - 78 V/M Aroostock Band of Micmacs, ME - 
V/M Cahto - 26 (33% of tribal membership) V/M California Valley Miwoks - 12 V/M Black Seminoles, Oklahoma - 2000
V/M Colusa - 4 V/M Cold Springs - 25 V/M Cherokee Nation Freedman, OK  - 2800
V/M Coyote Valley - 5 V/M Ft. Independence - 60 V/M Comanche Nation of Oklahoma - 200
V/M Dry Creek - 158  V/M Ione Band of Miwoks - 69  V/M Confederate Tribes of Siletz Indians, OR - 1
V/M Elem Colony/Sulfer Bank - 29 V/M Jamul Indian Village -13 V/M Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana - 32
V/M Enterprise - 70 V/M Pechanga - 440 V/M Isleta Pueblo, NM - 15 
V/M Grindstone - 12 V/M Picayune Chukchanski - 1200 V/M Las Vegas Paiutes, NV - 14
V/M Guidiville - 21 V/M Rincon - 72 V/M Mashpee Wampanoag, MA - 4
V/M Hopland - 74 V/M San Pasqual - 210 V/M Meskwaski Sac & Fox , IA - 1524
V/M Manchester/Pt. Arena - 150 V/M Santa Rosa Band - 20 V/M Noonsack Tribe, WA - 306
V/M Me - Wuk Wilton Rancheria - 86  V/M Santa Rosa Reservation - 35 V/M Mixed Blood Unitas Utes of Utah - 490
V/M Mission/Big Valley - 1 V/M Shingle Springs - 400 V/M Narragansett, RI - 140
V/M Mooretown - 85 V/M Table Mountain - 120 V/M Oneida Nation, NY - 60
V/M Paskenta - 4 Families  V/M Viejas Indian Reservation - 3 V/M Ponca Tribe of Nebraska - 3
V/M Pinoleville - 225 V/M Pala Band of Mission Indians-169 V/M Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde, Or - 95
V/M Pit River Madesi Band - 235 V/M Puyallup, WA - 1
V/M Potter Valley - 21 V/M Sac&Fox Tribe of Mississippi - 18
V/M Quartz Valley-Shasta Indian Nation - 5 V/M Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, MI - 191 (300 more pending)
V/M Redding - 76 V/M Sauk - Suiattle, WA - 7
V/M Robinson - 73 plus  V/M Shakopee Mdwakanton Dakota Sioux, MN - 100
V/M Scotts Valley - 2 V/M Snoqualimies, WA - 51 updated 2012 Reinstated
V/M Sherwood Valley - 3 V/M Te-Moak Western Shoshone, NV - 600
V/M Habematolel Pomo - Upper Lake  - 179 V/M Tigua Indian Tribe, TX - 10 families


Anonymous said...

SAN PASQUAL is way wrong. That 80 is the Alto's. Need to add 150 more for our family. DUE PROCESS!!!

Anonymous said...

Failure to enroll is NOT tantamount to enrollment.

If you live on the reservation you are benifiting from the resources that are there. Most that live on the reservation live for free, there is free dental, free healthcare. Minimal water and electrical cost. HUD assistance. Native preference when applying for a job. Community involvement. Tribal Identity. And the tribe will eventually enroll you.

When you are disenrolled there is none of that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:32 YOU ARE WRONG. If you can be enrolled others who qualify should be enrolled. IF you receive per capita others eligible for enrollment should also receive per capita. It's not the same to live on the reservation and not be enrolled than live on the reservation and enrolled. Federal recognition as tribal members is what matters.

Anonymous said...

Chukchansi's disenrollment numbers look like nazi Germany. The federal government should just terminate that tribe.

Anonymous said...

Because if you live on the reservation and you're not enrolled your identity is taken from you and you can't be culturally involved and you can't be native???? Pffffff!! Is that what your saying 11:56? Last time I checked no Civil Rights have been with held from San Pasqual residents.

Anonymous said...

205 TRUE San Pasqual Indians not enrolled. yet!

Anonymous said...

The benefits afforded to individuals who are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe extend from the tribal governments themselves, regardless if you live on or off the reservation. For instance, some tribes provide private health insurance for its members (Blue Cross), loans, free water, loans for education costs, loans for housing, and per capita. These benefits are given to tribal members because they are citizens of their particular nation and that particular tribe can afford to provide these resources and services. Non-members are not given these benefits because they are not federally recognized as part of the tribal nation because they do not meet membership eligibility. Living on or off the reservation has nothing to do with whether or not you receive benefits, unless a particular tribes tribal law dictates and regulates that particular situation in relation to providing it's members resources and benefits. Now, the federal government provides services and resources to federally recognized Indians, an identity that is connected to an enrollment within a tribe. These services and their eligibility vary, for instance HUD is a federal program only available to federally recognized Indians, BIA scholarships and education grants are only for federally recognized Indians, but others services offered by the federal government only rely on decendancy and proving that you are related to a federally recognized member. An example is the Indian Health Service, free dental and health care services are offered at these clinics, along with resources to get health insurance, to decendancy of tribal members regardless of federal recognition. Other services at the BIA related to allotments also only require decendancy. Moreover, in California IHS cannot deny health care services to anybody who can trace their ancestry to an Indian villages that existed prior to California statehood, and the BIA recognizes anybody, even non-Indians, as Indian landowners if they have any interest in an allotment. Federal law is complicated in relation to how Native identity is defined and recognized, and tribal law is tribal speciific, but both sets of laws are very specific when it comes to particular services. Living on an Indian Reservation imbues one with the ability to understand what is available and what is not, blaming tribal gaming is not logical just political, as this has always been the political-legal-social-econo.ic structure that Native people have had to navigate prior to gaming, and that will continue too.

Anonymous said...

Good article...

Anonymous said...

What about the bands who accepted membership and honored Ancestors and heirs of Ancestors who helped the bands get Federal recognition, then started disenrolling groups and clans after Indian gaming started? TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:41 What you are saying is that it's OK for you to receive your per cap and everyone else f** off. No one will understand the issue of disenrollment until you are disenrolled. Hope that never happens to you.

Anonymous said...

The only way that this will stop is to take all the corrupt councils, blind fold them and have a firing squad shoot them. Maybe that will get the Governments attention.

Anonymous said...

Why does the Government let them get away with this kind a crime? If it was in a different country they would be sending in the National Guard or the Marines to take control of these crooks.

Wendy Owen said...
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Anonymous said...

This is just insane. It is obvious that the government wants to get rid of reservations all together, or they would have stepped in by now. Each of these disenrollments represents a person whose life has been turned upside down with no where to turn and whose family is going through the same pain. Most of them are unjust, but some cases are different. If it is a Casino tribe there should be no reason to disenroll because the Casinos were built to help all the Native Americans, not just the tribal councils and who they choose.

Helene Wilson said...

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Timothy D. Legg said...

For the Chukchansi, read/listen to this from This American Life on NPR.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

great information, but with one correction: coyote valley (pomo) in northern california has disenrolled at least 200 people, most of them 5 or 6 years ago...this list states "5"...please update!

Unknown said...

Table mountain. Wont let anyone in the tribe they got 106 members an gross over a million dollars before taxes Each members. Smh sovereignty needs to be checked indians cant govern there own tribes there has to be an out side source to have the final say so. An tribal board has to go to vots every 4 years like the president of the united states an should only be able to run for position twice like the president. So we wont be come a communist nation. U can even stand up an voice your opinion with out being disenrolled. Berry creek rancheria stole out rancheria an dissenrolled out family over greed of gold country casino here in oroville ca.


Well it Seems like D.N.A. will have to be the "Showdown".

Kenneth Hansen said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I'll have to redo the numbers on my own analysis before I send it out for publication. OP and AIRRO have done a spectacular job keeping this issue in the news. Keep fighting! A'ho!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! WILTON RANCHERIA!!! So glad to see that you made this WALL OF SHAME!!! This list of HUMAN DISGRACE!!! I hope ALL ELK GROVE CALIF residents see this list and come to know WHO YOU REALLY ARE... Hope you are proud of the fact that you have STOLEN our families HISTORY, kicked out the Census members and used it for your benefit not to mention our families Cemetery, AND THE LIST OF WRONGS GO ON AND ON! Congratulations on kicking out our 93 year old elder!!! Congratulations on dishonoring and disgracing our deceased elders and members that YOU CALLED FAMILY!!! YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A DIRECTOR OF ELDERS ON YOUR STAFF ON YOUR WEBSITE. HOW CAN YOU HAVE A DIRECTOR OF ELDERS WHEN YOU DIS-OWN AND DIS-ENROLL YOUR OWN ELDERS??? THESE ARE THE VERY PEOPLE WHO HAVE STOOD BEHIND YOU AND HAVE GONE BEFORE YOU! HOW DO YOU PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT??? HAVE YOU NO SHAME WHATSOEVER??? ALL WE CAN SAY IS, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND PEOPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.Indian casinos will soon be a "thing-of-the-past". And I'll tell you why. the more people lose,the less they will return. the less money will come into the casino.The less winnings will be given out.Just like Atlantic City .Eventually it will cost more to run the casino than it is taking in.Until people realize that it is a no-win casino. eventually the tribal members will get greedy with each other as they all ready have.there casino checks will get smaller and smaller.Until one month nobody will receive a casino check as the funds won't be available. The only thing left to do is not let the slot machines payout anymore. and no customers will return.Now the tribal council will have to steal from each other as greed has set in.And not paying taxes to the feds ,will only mean that the feds will have to take the trust land back. There won't be enough members to fight this as they've all been disenrolled.Then the tribal council will accept money in the buyback land program.Eliminating all the land and the tribe will no longer exist as it all ready no longer exists.And all the land will have been lost.