Friday, September 18, 2015

EPA's Gina McCarthy REFUSES to SIT with TRIBAL OFFICIALS. Is She TOO GOOD for THEM? Or Just ASHAMED of Her Departments Actions

From House Natural Resources Committee:

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy refused to sit at the same table as state and tribal officials at yesterday's oversight hearing on her agency's disastrous Animas River spill. 

During the hearing, Chairman Rob Bishop said “I understand Administrator McCarthy agreed to come only if she appeared first and on her own panel — refusing to sit alongside representatives of states and tribes that traveled across the country to discuss the disaster her agency unleashed in their backyard." 

Per her demands, McCarthy appeared on her own panel, which was followed by a second panel that included the President of the Navajo Nation and Treasurer of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, whose lands were directly impacted by the EPA’s spill, as well as state officials from Colorado and New Mexico. 

Why do you think she was unwilling to face those hit hardest by her agency's actions?

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