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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Norm Desrosiers OUT at Picayune Rancheria? Are the LEADERS of the TRIBE Driving LEMMINGS off the CLIFF?

From some Chukchansi friends...

BREAKING of today, the recently appointed, and very well respected (in the gaming industry and legal world) Norm Desrosiers walked away from his position at Picayune, after repeated attempts by the Morris Reid supporters on tribal council to gain control over the gaming commission by the passing of various and numerous resolutions to do so. 

With the Lewis people steadfastly, and in writing, promising to contest any election due to the inelligible status of those being brought back from disenrollment 2010 and 2012 and allowed to vote, and the Reid faction on their power trip to control the gaming commission, BOTH of these factions have proven--once again--that they care only for themselves, NOT the best interest of the Chukchansi People. 

Desrosiers said that the council will “not respect the independence of its tribal regulatory agency and  knowingly and willingly will not comply with its own tribal gaming ordinance.”

Read more here:

Undoubtedly, both the NIGC and the investors for Chukchansi Gold must be livid...the "leaders" at Picayune appear to be more interested in "leading" our tribe into oblivion...This is what happens when a tribe becomes a casino, instead of a TRIBE...which is what we exist to be. Next step? Loss of federal recognition...


Anonymous said...

Yes, simple as that, the federal government needs too terminate federal recognition of this tribe. Stop the tyranny of "Tribal Sovereignty" in its tracks.

White Buffalo said...

It is so sad what people will do to get power and money. They will literally sell their soul and the tribes place in history for a few gold or should I say silver coins. What is worse is that the people of the tribe willingly make the choice to go along with this nonsense. The fear of reprisal and disenrollment are factors in the choice to do nothing, yet the person still has the choice and it is theirs to make alone. Our priorities and values are so out of line with the will of the creator that we do not see how our choices are taking us down a path that leads to death and destruction.

Helene Wilson said...
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Anonymous said...

Did Christian Goode resign today?