Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Interesting Times in CA's Indian Country, Right AMY DUTSCHKE?

Very  interesting times in California's Indian Country and the BIA.

We've posted on what some tribal members from Pala feel are shenanigans by the BIA's Director Amy Deutschke.    We also wrote about San Pasqual descendants evidence of shenanigans, with the same Director.  NOW, some historical perspective.

This February 22, 2004 article from the San Diego Union Tribune, sheds some light on early..shenanigans

A once-tiny, nearly destitute American Indian tribe is pushing hard to build a $100 million casino – but it's not traditional tribal members gunning for riches.

Hundreds of people have been newly added to the Ione Band of Miwok Indians' membership rolls, which were opened up by regional Bureau of Indian Affairs officials. Among the new members are several BIA employees and dozens of their relatives.

Four congressmen have called for an investigation, though federal officials have so far declined to intervene. Rep. Nick Rahall, ranking Democrat on the House Resources Committee, called the BIA's move an apparent "coup d'etat" that should make other tribes "tremble with fear."

Regional BIA officials opened the membership against the traditional leaders' wishes to include members from two other bands in the area. The federal officials then oversaw an Aug. 10, 2002, election that swapped the old leaders for a pro-casino group that includes some of the BIA employees themselves.

Before the Bureau of Indian Affairs became involved, the Ione Band had about 70 members living on land near Ione, about 40 miles east of Sacramento in the rolling hills of one of California's wine regions.

Now the band's official membership has swelled to 535. None of the new members is related to the original 70.

Amy Dutschke, a member of another American Indian group whose family has roots in the Ione area, was the BIA's acting regional director in June 2002 when she authorized the Ione Band's last leadership election, documents show.  (RECUSAL is not a dirty word)

Now Dutschke and 68 of her relatives are on the tribe's official list of registered voters. They include her uncle and a niece, who also work for Indian Affairs, according to tribal rolls, a BIA employee list and opposition members.

The election was overseen by Indian Affairs employee Carol Rogers-Davis, whom the BIA named chair of the elections board. She now has three relatives on the tribal roll, records show.

The election produced five new tribal leaders, four of whom are related to Dutschke.

Matt Franklin, the new tribal chairman recognized by the BIA, said he could provide documents proving the legitimacy of the tribe's expanded membership.

However, Franklin did not produce the documents after repeated requests from The Associated Press over several weeks.

Dutschke's standing with the tribe dates to a June 1994 letter from a BIA colleague to her brother, asserting that "the history of your family and its association with the Ione Band appears to be quite substantial and would certainly justify your inclusion in the reorganization process."

Tribal rolls and opposition members say a second cousin of Dutschke, Harold Burris, was once allowed to live on the Ione Band's property near Ione because his sister was married to the tribe's chief, Villa's father, at the time.

In Washington, the Bureau of Indian Affairs relied on the tribal election committee's decision to refuse to investigate its own employees' involvement.

The Department of Interior's inspector general also declined to investigate, telling the complaining congressmen that it was an internal tribal matter.

A BIA spokeswoman in Washington, Nedra Darling, said she couldn't comment because the Sacramento regional office did not respond to her repeated inquiries over more than a month.  (WTF- A regional office didn't respond to....HEADQUARTERS?)

Regional officials, including Dutschke, similarly did not return repeated telephone messages left by the AP over a matter of weeks, or respond to a letter sent last month.   (We don't need no stinkin' free press)

The tribe is now potentially eligible for millions of dollars in federal benefits. Its new leaders have been given $1.9 million from the state's Tribal Revenue Sharing Trust Fund, in which tribes with casinos contribute to non-gambling tribes. The tribe says it is using that money to offer members emergency assistance with housing, health care and energy bills.

If the tribe opens its proposed casino with 2,000 slot machines, opponents say it could bring in $185 million a year, based on the experience of other tribes.

The Ione Band is seeking permission to acquire 208 acres in Plymouth for the casino. Permission has to come from Interior Secretary Gale Norton and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose office has been asked to consider granting the tribe a gambling compact.

The issue has split rural Amador County's 31,000 residents. County supervisors want Congress and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to block the casino. Plymouth City Council members support the casino, and face a May recall election because of their backing.

The regional staff of the Bureau of Indian Affairs staff and other members "took over the Ione Band," said county Supervisor Mario Biagi. "We feel there's a direct conflict of interest there."

Isn't it COMFORTING to know, that any current issue with Dutschke isn't a first time?


Anonymous said...

How can Amy Douschbag be a member of that Tribe and Be a member of the Pala Tribe at the same time.

Anonymous said...

The answer is Robert Smith! I guess that's her payoff!

Anonymous said...

She needs to be backed into a corner and questioned about her illegal tactics concerning the way she has committed fraud against certain Tribes by allowing illegal Disenrollments to occur under her watch.
And be made to tell what her ties are to Pala and Robert Smith.
By the Photo's that we have seen, it sure looks like they could be related, or maybe it's a freak of nature.
Either way these two dick takers need to be held accountable for harm that they have caused to true Native American Citizens.
I truly believe that there aren't to many ways to get to the truth except maybe "EXPOSER" by the Media. If we can find someone with the BALLS to get going on these two crooks through the News Media then maybe we have a fighting chance of exposing them.

Anonymous said...

Amy Dutschke is gay and Robert Smith is gay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The problem is that it has caused them to form a bond combined with a persecution complex. It is well known that Amy is gay but Robert Smith has yet to officially come out of the closet. You would think it would be easy for him since his former lover Leroy Miranda has finally made it out. My point is that Amy and Robert share this special bond and have developed a loyalty to each other with the notion that they must protect each other from the rest of the world. They will do anything for each other to include lying, falsifying documents, rendering false and even illegal decisions and provide whatever alibi cover up each may need in their corrupt dealings. It has worked for them for more than 20 years now but that is about to change. They have left a paper trail wider than the grand canyon and once the courts have a chance to review their joint activities it will be simple to refer civil claims over for criminal prosecution. Yep, here it comes and there they go.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

So these Gaylords have joined forces to work for the advancement of evil throughout Indian Country? Insecurity about sexual orientation has driven them mad with lust for money and power? Stay tuned for updates on this union of minimum intellect and maximum imcompetence.

Anonymous said...

Exactly like chukchansi!!!! Before the casino there were few chukchansi and even fewer from picayune now 900+ and they all have a family up high, even there bogus election and third party IDRS services is corrupt. We all know that is Reggie lewis's cousin Joyce burell who her self held a illegal seat on the council many years ago. And Morris Reid with his fraudulent 600 list, and Dora who was rejected from north fork membership yet wrote a chukchansi by-law saying quote "if Dora Jones has to fly more than 500 miles it has to be in first class" that was an actual by-law!!! It's no wonder north fork didn't want her near their tribe. And chance alberta missing 51 million and Dora and Morris and Nokomis rather than fight for the tribe they say they care about is willing to throw away money to pay his criminal fees, why???? Because they also had their hands in the tribes pocket.... and Jenifer Stanley building a new house for her parents so she could have theirs all on the tribes bill....and nancy.... do I really need to go there nancy Ayala!!! Shameful.... Aho!

Spark said...

Has a group ever picketed outside the BIA in Sacramento? Amy is running a criminal enterprise and guilty of multiple federal offenses, I am sure. We need major news to pick up this story, to get Deb Haaland to pay attention to what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Make them do dna