Friday, June 29, 2012

Former Pechanga Tribal Chair Jennie Miranda Now Disenfranchised From Tribe for THEFT

Word from the Rez:

A recent letter from the rez to our politicians has pointed out that former tribal chair Jennie Miranda has been investigated for money laundering and embezzlement from the tribe.   They were not disenrolled, as 25% of the tribe has been, but disenfranchised, a new term.  No per capita, but still get their health care.  How disgusting.   Congratulations Macarro.

As of as recent as April the Pechanga tribe has been dealing and covering RICO act violations and discussion of money laundering and embezzlement, committed by Jennie, Larry, Anthony, Andrew and Raymond Miranda all were found to have purchased slot machines illegally and illegally sold them. This family has held positions of power serving on the tribal council, the gaming commission and the Pechanga Development Corporation. 

Please be aware that this is the start of a new type of organized criminal organization. Because of sovereignty congress is to a degree giving their "blessing" to this activity by ignoring numerous violations and illegal activity. The Tribal Councils involved fear of wielding sovereignty like a sword to destroy anything or anyone that will get in the way of their agendas, legal or not. There is no concern for the individuals or the tribe as a whole.
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