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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

FEDS say NO F******* WAY to CHUKCHANSI for September Opening of Casino. $49 MILLION Unaccounted for.

An anticipated reopening this month of Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino seems highly unlikely because the National Indian Gaming Commission still is awaiting a significant number of documents from the tribe and an indication that its governance is stable.

A National Indian Gaming Commission spokesman told The Fresno Bee on Tuesday that the commission will wait at least until after the tribe’s election on Oct. 3 for further proof of the council’s stability.

Confirming stability of a new government will take several weeks after the Oct. 3 election, which will likely extend the reopening beyond the one-year anniversary of the closure order issued for the Coarsegold resort on Oct. 10, 2014.

Without the approval of the NIGC, the tribe cannot resume operations at the casino and hotel.

In addition to the election, the federal government also is working on a settlement agreement for two years worth of late audits that sparked a casino gaming office raid and led to the casino’s closure. Auditors found $49.6 million was not accounted for by casino operators.

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Anonymous said...

That should happen to pechanga...

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

BREAKING of today, the recently appointed, and very well respected (in the gaming industry and legal world) Norm Desrosiers walked away from his position at Picayune, after repeated attempts by the Morris Reid supporters on tribal council to gain control over the gaming commission by the passing of various and numerous resolutions to do so. With the Lewis people steadfastly, and in writing, promising to contest any election due to the inelligible status of those being brought back from disenrollment 2010 and 2012 and allowed to vote, and the Reid faction on their power trip to control the gaming commission, BOTH of these factions have proven--once again--that they care only for themselves, NOT the best interest of the Chukchansi People. Undoubtedly, both the NIGC and the investors for Chukchansi Gold must be livid...the "leaders" at Picayune appear to be more interested in "leading" our tribe into oblivion...This is what happens when a tribe becomes a casino, instead of a TRIBE...which is what we exist to be. Next step? Loss of federal recognition...

H. Caufield said...

With the rampant corruption that is "The Pechanga Way", I am surprised that Pechanga Resort and Casino has not been shut down as of yet. But I think when the Tribal Council, Pechanga Development Corporation and Gaming Commission put forth a unified front to the general council,the California Department of Justice, and National Indian Gaming Commission, it is business as usual; The Pechanga Way.

Helene Wilson said...
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