Thursday, July 28, 2011

Native American Caucus, Who Voted AGAINST Civil Rights For Indians, Looks to Lower Dues

Andrew Masiel Sr has sent out a missive that the Native American Caucus, which famously PAID for people to join the group to vote down a resolution on civil rights, will look to lower it's dues.   Then, they ask for people to join the Democratic Party.  Will they pay for more votes  with the help of Ron Andrade and L.A County?

Does this mean the Democratic Party supports the human and civil rights violations that Andrew Masiel has supported with his tribe, the Pechanga band of Luiseno Indians?   The are the second leading tribe when it comes to disenrollments and violations of due process in CA's Indian Country.

Disenrollment, Banishment and Moratoriums are going to be Andrew Masiel's legacy, along with the dishonoring of their tribal veterans.
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