Monday, September 21, 2015

Navajo Nation ACCUSE Barack Obama and Democrat Party of ABANDONMENT after Animas River POISONING.

Democrats seem to just watch as disasters happen in Native America.  It's easy to do, especially when Native media accuse Republicans of bad things.    Democrats KNOW they can get away with whatever they want.  They've got the Native vote locked up.   We've seen it with Boxer and Feinstein turning a blind eye to the corruption, abuse and civil rights violations in CA.  Patty Murray has never spoken out against the Nooksack violations.   NOW, the Navajo get a dose of Democrat Party  reality.    

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye again called on Obama and administration officials to declare the San Juan River a disaster zone.

In August, an EPA accident resulted in 3 million gallons of contaminated water flowing into the Animas River, which runs into the San Juan River. One-third of the Navajo Nation’s people rely on the Animus for water.

EPA officials have insisted the toxins have been diluted. But Begaye said he “doesn’t buy it.” He argues toxins are seeping into ranchers’ soil and threatening livestock and crops.

“There’s no way we can guarantee that the drinking water is safe,” he said.

“We are asking the Democratic Party to have President Obama declare the river a disaster area — and we haven’t gotten anything. Nothing,” he said. “The Democrats? I don’t know what happened. We basically are Democrats. We always vote Democrat. But it seems like they’ve just walked away. And we’re not hearing anything that’s of value to us from the Democrats.”

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Anonymous said...

Everyone involved in this catastrophe should stop pointing fingers and clean up the river.