Monday, October 27, 2014

NCAI Meets Without Discussing Tribal Disenrollment or Tribal Abuse of It's Citizens

It's quite shameful that the 71st meeting of the National Congress of American Indians doesn't include an agenda item to address the abuse and civil and human rights abuses of THOUSANDS of Native Americans by their own tribes.

There are at least 90 agenda meetings/speakers and NOT ONE addresses the stripping of citizenship of tribal people, nor the APARTHEID practiced on tribal reservations.  Not the theft of water rights, voter disenfranchisment.  But don't worry, the NCAI did set up Ray Halbritter with time to discuss MASCOTS.  Yes, the same Halbritter that BULLDOZED his own family's homes.

NCAI, you must be proud.  SALLY Jewell, can we just say, WTF?
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