Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Theft of Per Capita from California Indians is over a Third of a BILLION DOLLARS

Closer to HALF of a BILLION DOLLARS! And that's just for Pechanga, Redding and Picayune ALONE.

UPDATE:  Includes ReddingRancheria and Mooretown Rancheria per capita totals now.
UPDATE:  Includes Enterprise Rancheria losses from Revenue Sharing.

Eric Bolling of Fox Business Channel's Follow the Money  ( Follow The Money" with Eric Bolling...taking you inside the world of corruption, abuse of power, and shocking betrayals of public trust. We follow the money wherever it goes.) asked me to send him links about the actions of tribes and their disenrollment practices after tribal gaming. I've sent him numerous links, but thought I'd make a post of it. I've asked friends from Redding Rancheria and Picayune Rancheria to let me know of their losses, and I invite citizens from other tribes to let us know what they've lost.

From the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians in Temecula CA:

The Hunter Family has lost $1,295,000 per person, in per capita payments alone.   We arrived at that figure by taking the last full year of per capita $268,000/12 months and multiplying that loss times 58 months of disenrollment.   95 adults at the time of disenrollment equals:  $123,056,000

The Apis Family was disenrolled the year prior in 2005.  The per capita was slightly less about $17,000 per month times 62 months of termination:  $1,054,000 times 135 adults equals:  $142,290,000

Moratorium people NEVER shared in what was rightfully theirs.  The per capita went up to $360,000 per year for those remaining after elimination of tribal citizens.

From the Picayune Rancheria in Coarsegold, CA:

In the case of Chukchansi Gold, the casino has been averaging $4 million per month in payments to the Tribe over the past 18 months (as reported to me by a former Tribal Council member).

The tribe disenrolled 625 members who were making $3,200 per month.  This equates to $96,000,000 stolen.   The word from that reservation is that they wanted to further reduce their population.

Lets add what we have so far:

Pechanga:    $310.3 MILION       Includes additional $21 Million in Health Insurance.  Corrected Insurance due to coverages, some double covered as family. Per capita losses are $200,000 PER DAY.
Picayune:     $  96.0  MILLION   Money is from share of dollars casino sends to tribe per person.
Redding:       $  32.3 MILLION    Per capita only. Totals being tabulating but includes tribal JOBS lost.
Mooretown:  $  10.7 MILLION  
Enterprise:  $     2.1 MILLION   No Per Capita. Tribe gets revenue allocation.  Losses include housing help. 

I'll update per capita losses from other tribes as I get information.    Also bear in mind, the tribe save on health care coverage for citizens and dependents they terminated.    $12,000 per year for Pechanga times 600 people should be over $35 MILLION more. CORRECTION:  Cost is per family, so number is reduced from $35 Million.

And the tribal coucils will say, it's NOT about the MONEY!  But it IS because so many have lost homes, health insurance because their rightful per capita was taken away.
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