Thursday, December 29, 2011

Worthless BIA to Stay Out of Chukchansi Election Debacle. DO we Need Jimmy Carter, or Just Get Rid of the BIA's CA Division?

The Fresno Bee reports that the BIA will again stick their head in the sand or another oriface and stay out of the Chukchansi dispute.   Should we eliminate the BIA in CA?

The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs says it will stay out of the fight over leadership of the tribal council for the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, despite a request for the agency to intervene.

The agency's Sacramento office received the request Tuesday from the new tribal council to recognize it as the tribe's official government, said Troy Burdick, superintendent of the Central California Agency, BIA.

However, Burdick said, the contested Dec. 3 election is an internal matter, and he does not anticipate the BIA intervening.

Members of the old and new tribal council could not be reached for comment on Wednesday. The new council's attorney also could not be reached for comment.

Tribal members voted earlier this month to replace the current tribal council headed by chairman Reggie Lewis with a new majority opposed to the tribe's disenrollment practices -- in which the tribe removes members based upon bloodlines.

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Anonymous said...

The BIA doesn't help any tribe that has problems I think they want tribes to fail.All they are a career people just to get a pension and move on.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

not surprising that the bia refuses to intervene...

what we really need at picayune is the intervention of the united states congress, the department of justice, and the federal courts...

there are government officials at picayune--past and present--that should be in prison for what they have done to our people...

ironic that general manager jeff livingston receives four years in federal prison while those in tribal government at picayune are allowed to steal not only funds and records, but the very identity of over 800 chukchansi people with no recourse...

what of the trust responsibility to ALL indian people which was promised and is owed by the united states congress (and the bia, for that matter)...

!!!bring the people--ALL THE PEOPLE--home to picayune!!!

Anonymous said...

"Internal matter" is code for 'political cover.' It was Ben Campbell's last 'gift' to the underbelly criminal elements in Indian Country before he left Congress under a cloud of suspicion for criminal acts.

Termination was illegal. However, the U.S. is still implementing Termination policies. It was renamed "self determination" and "sovereignty."

The United States has no interest in protecting the best interests of Native Americans or protecting American Indians from predators.

What is happening in Indian Country is just business as usual.

James Joaquin Fletcher is a classic example of a parasite who used his position at B.I.A. to illegally enrich himself.

"Internal Matter" enabled James Fletcher
to use his position at BIA aka political cover; to engage with criminal elements in Indian Country to 'eliminate' Indians who get in their way.

'Leaders' are not 'leaders.' Dumbells with undeveloped reasoning frontal lobes, huge egos and sociopathic tendencies are used as tools against their own families.

Congress is passing immoral 'laws' like "internal matters" to justify unlawful
acts committed against Native provide political cover for criminals.

Invaders employ "Indian Law" and use traitors to commit criminal acts against their own people.

There are many cogs in the juggernaut. Corruption is systemic in all areas of society.

Carole Goldberg is one of the cogs that uses academia to further her agenda. Duane Champagne is a traitor who uses his position at U.C.L.A. to regurgitate what he has read into a profitable business of 'books.'

I say, if Champagne has seen Goldberg without her mask of a Jew who pretends an affinity with Indians to perpetuate injustice against Indians through "Indian Law," and stays married and promotes the injustice Goldberg is dishing out. He is either a delusion galoot used as a tool ....or a willing accomplice in Goldberg's criminal acts against Indians.

Luiseno said...

The American Government has had an on going plan of eradicating the native population of this country for hundreds of years. First they tried genocide going so far to even offer bountys on Indians. Then they tried rounding them up and forcing them on reservations, knowing full well the importance the American Indian placed on freedom. They tried killing and destroying there food supply.

Then they tried to get rid of us by assimilation. Hoping we would dissapear and vanish forever into the general population. Making it a crime for indians to speak there own language, or practice there religious beliefs.

Now comes there most insidious plan, lets let them have casinos. Knowing the effect that an almost unlimited supply of money would have on a people who were unacustomed to such things. That it would attract unscrupulous people, and would tear apart the tribe from within. Then they could proclaim when people came running to them asking for help "its an internal matter" and then turn there back and a blind eye on the whole thing.

I am sure someone is snickering and laughing now.... the plan is working so well.

White Buffalo said...

Of course your statement is true anonymous of December 30, 2011 11:22 AM. I and others have discussed this very issue for several years now. As it is most compelling in giving a rationale for the government at all levels to not get involved money is the primary reason though, for it buys a lot of political clout. The point that is rarely mentioned is the organized aspect of terminology that is used in most reasoning for disenrollment. It started with Pechanga’s claim of an “internal matter”. As Vegas was once the playground for Organized Crime now we see Indian casinos acting in like ways. I would not be surprised to learn that Butch Murphy is connected as I suspect that Marc is controlled as well. Although I cannot offer proof at this time this is wholly conjecture it just seems funny that there are many of us who think this way.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what we have been going through for 3 years now. Our Corrupt 2008 Business Committee elected in April of 2008 for a term of 2 years had 2 members of the 3 removed per our constitution. Then we sent in those documents to the Redding office of BIA and Dr.Virgil Atkins the Superintendent refused to recognize that our BC Chairman and the BC Secretary-Treasurer had been removed. For embezzling or misappropriation of Tribal funds. No the DOJ or AUSA still has not even done anything to them for the 10 million gone.Anyway, then Virgil did want to support the enrollment of two non Indians (WHITE PEOPLE) into the Tribe but not that we removed our BC members. Then in April of 2010 we held elections just as our Constitution states. the other faction held theirs 2 weeks later with them 2 and the 2 non Indian members and we all submitted results of both elections. Ok here you have 5 members right, 3 hold a valid election and the other 2 hold it with two non members and what does common sense tell you? But the BIA in Redding, BIA in Sacramento, the IBIA, the Federal Court Judge in Sac, the NIGC and the CGCC don't have it because none will even say who they recognize. But a Federal Judge for the USPS could obviously read because he states that those 2 were removed and we held valid elections. So here Virgil started this by not recognizing what the real truth was and no one wants to admit he is corrupt or did wrong or has favors to do for ex BIA people like Wayne Smith, Ron Jegar Doug Rollins and Amy D is just as bad. So for 3 years this fight has been going on and now on 11-09-11 the IBIA puts out a letter stating its not going to recognize the 2008 BC. But no body whats to recognize the dully elected BC of 2010. Really the BIA is a complete joke. Its all about who you know and who needs a favor. In every BIA office one or more of these people are misusing their official powers to keep all the Indians down. Really its not rocket science who is really working for Native Indians and who is working secure their future out side BIA. Why do we need them for what reason? Our Tribe since Virgil started this has not gotten any RSTF or 638 Grant money. We just been surviving on the 100 machine casino we have. The RSTF follows the 638 Grant money some one has to be the person do get the grant money. Who or what states where, when or who get the money if for 3 years there has been no governmental money aiding our Tribe. So when the BIA and IBIA cant make a decision and the Tribe suffers who is held accountable for that. No one, is its all pushed aside and its always the Tribe and its members fault never the BIA person who screwed it all up from the start and wasted all this time and money. I say get rid of them all. Its all a game to the people in the BIA and we are the ones that suffer again at the hands of the Government.

'aamokat said...

White Burffalo, I have always suspected but can't really prove, that organized crime has an unseen hand and are getting a cut of the businesses behind the scenes. That there are one set of books the tribal members, the state, and the Feds sees and another one that has the real numbers.

Think about it, did any of our people really have the knowledge or experience to open and operate a big casino operation?

Sure we always have had Vegas people working for us on a lot of the day to day business but still we really didn't have the know how.

So in Indian casino after Indian casino the unseen forces wanted a bigger cut so hence our people sold us out to thin the ranks.

I remember, I think it was at the night before the grand opening in 2002 when we all got free rooms for the night when my brother, my uncle, and I were chatting in front of the casino with Mr. Potato Head and he told us he was going to get more money no matter what it took.

I think he was scouting out potential allies to move against other families but he figured that we, the Hunters, were honest people so he sided with others against us to get himself and the unseen powers that be a bigger cut.

Just theories on my part but it does seem to add up.

'aamokat said...

White Buffalo, I do realize that the CPP was coming after us before 2002, your family and ours, but the Grand Potato would have jumped in on our side if we would have played dirty and he would have helped us get rid of them instead of helping them get rid of us.

I suspect that it is possible that his relative Fletcher could very well have been in on the potato's plan.

White Buffalo said...

This is exactly what I was talking about, yes the potato is a puppet as well as corny with big B as the inside man the rest just fall in line. You know as well as I that without a paper trail this is just talk that can be used against us this is why I do not ever say too much about such things. Given that this is still an unsettled internal matter I feel that I have the right to call out these people and settle it one way or the other. The only thing is that anything I say or do that is threatening would bring the authorities down on me. Sometimes I think it is worth it, but for the love I have for my mother I will be patient because she has asked me to not go after them in any way. I guess I am learning that it is more difficult to forgive than to strikeout at someone. This does not mean that I will stop fighting within the law for that is all I have right now, but you never know stranger things have happened we must be patient and use every legal opportunity that becomes available.

smokeybear said...

White Buffalo, I'm all for trying to do things in a "Legal Manner," but some times you have to "Fight Fire With Fire." There isn't anything "Legal" about what they have done to us "Hunters,And Others" using the supposed "Internal Matter and Sovereignty Crap" against us. And the Government(Indian Affairs) refusing to "Act Responsibly" against these "Illegal Acts" perpetrated by "Corrupt and Criminal Tribal Leaders." They won't play by the "Rules," why should we! There has to be other "Methods, and Avenues To Explore" in our fight against these known "Criminals?" I, myself, don't really give a "Rats A.. if the know who I am, take their best shot, because "I'm Going Too." There isn't ever anything "Honest and Just" with these "Criminals," just "Greed" and the "Almighty Buck!" So "What Ever It Takes" to make this happen, in 2012, is in order. And I do mean "Whatever."... That has to be the "Bottom Line." These "Criminal Tribal Leaders" have gotten away with these "Criminal Acts" long enough.