Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gaming Revenue Blamed For Tribe's Disenrolling Members: Indian Country Today

Indian Country Today has caught the fact that the NYTIMES has discovered tribal disenrollments at Chukchansi after a decade of abuse.

From the article:

Tribal governments universally defend their reasons for disenrolling members, claiming they are removing people with little tribal association, who likely joined to exploit the services, scholarships and monthly checks from casino profits. “You have people who want to be tribal members, where no one knows who they are or where they came from,” said Reggie Lewis, chairman of the Chukchansi Tribal Council, to The New York Times. “We are sworn to uphold the Constitution. And basically that’s what we try to do.”

But for people like Ruby Cordero, 87, an ousted Chukchansi, expert basket weaver and one of the few last native speakers of the Chukchansi language, disenrollment is the equivalent of robbery of her identity and culture. “She was born and raised on that property,” Nancy Dondero, Ruby’s great-niece, told the Times.

In October, Indian Country Today Media Network reported in “Bitter Fight to Determine Who Is an Indian Turns to DNA Testing” how many tribes have adopted a DNA-testing ordinance to determine tribal membership.

Indian Country Today is owned by the Oneida Nation which has had some disenrollment issues themselves. That could be why they don't print my comments...


smokeybear said...

It seems to me that most of the "Drive By Media" refuses to print anything that even remotely resembles an "Expose'" on "Human and Civil Rights Violations" is because they are afraid of the "Big Bad Wolves, A.K.A, Tribal Leaders." Some of the reasons are: Strong Political Power that these "Casino Indians" possess, the amounts of money that is spent for "Adverisement" by same, and dwindling revenues from outside sources. So you have got to know that they won't even "Bite The Hand That Feeds Them." N.B.C. News took a stab at "Human and Civil Rights Violations" (At Pechanga), a few years back, but seems reluctent to follow up. For now the N.Y.Times is taking a shot at it, and it is to be seen how far they are going to go to "Investigate" and "Report" on the Criminal and Corrupt actions of these "Casino Indians." Don't get me wrong, I'm for everything that can be put out there showing all the "Illegal Indescrections" that is so "Commonplace" throughout "Indian Country" with no end in sight. I'm just a little "Cynical" of the motives of the "Run of the Mill Media," for you have got to know they haven't exactly been "Forthcoming" to the Plight of the "Oppressed Native American in the "Past!" So, let us hope that the N.Y.Times takes hold and won't let go, and digs deeply into this "Serious Problem" that affects us all in "Indian Country."

Curious said...

60 Minutes has been doing some pretty good stories against they aren't afraid of much...start a letter writing campaign to them...this is right up their alley!..and great coverage....60 minutes is the reason they are pushing a bill where the congressmen can't get rich from stock trades that they vote on..

'aamokat said...

“You have people who want to be tribal members, where no one knows who they are or where they came from,” said Reggie Lewis, chairman of the Chukchansi Tribal Council, to The New York Times. “We are sworn to uphold the Constitution. And basically that’s what we try to do.”

Does Mr. Lewis understand that the article is about disenrollment, kicking people out of the tribe who are in the tribe? It is not about new people showing up to enroll.

So if no one knows where they came from, then why did this tribe enroll them in the first place?

So was the tribe lying when it took these people in under the guise of having a bigger tribe so that they could get more federal dollars or are they now lying when they say they never belonged?

Either way it sounds like they are liars to me.

Mr. Lewis' comments sounds similar to Mark Macarro's comments regarding the disenrolled at Pechanga as if the disenrolled where a bunch of 'Johnny come latelys' who just showed up when the casino was going to open.

Macarro said in the KNBC Los Angeles news segment "Without a Tribe," “When the tribe had nothing people didn’t want to be a part of the tribe. When it appeared the tribe might have something soon, then it seemed like a whole bunch of people came out."

Macarro was commenting on the disenrollment of the Hunter family of Pechanga but what he fails to mention is that a lot of Hunter family were tribal members before Macarro himself became a tribal member.

So Mr. Macarro, who is the real 'Johnny come lately?'

So like Mr. Lewis' tribe, Chukchansi, were some of the people in Macarro's tribe who were against the Hunters (a lot of the tribe supported their membership but were ignored) lying when they took in the Hunters as tribal members or they were they lying when they said years later that the Hunters never belonged?

Either way, just like the Chukchansi tribe, they sound like they are liars to me.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

great insight, 'aamokat...

we at picayune "know who we are" as chukchansi people...and so does the picayune tribal council...

i'm certain that this is the case for those at pechanga as well...

and, yes...the government officials of both these corrupt tribes--and many others--are heartless liars with no thought for the welfare or traditions of their people...

!!!bring the people--ALL the people--home to picayune!!!

(and to all other tribes committing this horrific genocide against their own people!!!)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when Mark Macarro became a tribal member at Pechanga?

Because He is not listed on the 1979 roll but 53 Hunter family members are on this list

smokeybear said...

This is in "Response" to the three(3) S.U.V's and the person who witnessed same. And my statement to send it off to the F.B.I./D.O.J.

Anonymous said...
Even if you give this information to the DOJ and the FBI they may look into this and it could take them years to get any thing done. In the mean time the Tribe suffers. I know because we have been going through this for 3 years since the DOJ first called me in January of 2009 to give us a heads up since they started the investigation. We know that millions of Tribal funds have went to benefit two members, we know that the GM & CFO have spent casino revenue without our Tribes authorization. We handed the DOJ all they needed on a silver platter and here we sit today "its in Wong's hands" LOL they keep saying and he cant comment and is not moving on it. Oh then you know the BIA and IBIA can't make a ruling to save their own sole's. So really the bottom line is it seems that some Tribes get the help they need and other have to sit and wait. So I hope it works out better for other Tribes.

Even though the F.B.I/D.O.J are dragging their feet,(On the Issue you describe above), it seems to me, that any and all "Provable Indescreations," on the parts of these "Criminal Elements," needs to be "Explored," and a "Heads Up" is still in order, no matter how "Lame" these two(2) organizations seem to be in regards to "Enforcement" of said "Criminal Acts," for we don't even know where the line in the sand is drawn for some type of action to be initiated by either "Entity?" The workings of these two(2) organizations is always "Shrouded In Darkness" when it comes to "Native American Rights" and it is "Implied," with their actions, that they are backing the "Casino Indians" illegal moves: "Without Question," knowing full well the "Seriousness, and Volatility" of the situation that "Festers" and goes "Unchecked" throughout "Indian Country." I question their motives, and their reluctence to act for the good of all in the world of "Indian Relations," or should I say the "Lack Of?" They have the "Ability and the Means" to act, but "Choose Not Too!" So I ask you: Are they really afraid of the "Big Bad Wolves...A.K.A...Tribal Leaders?"...Their track record hasn't been "Forthcoming" in "Rectifiying" the wrongs that these "Casino Indians" have perpetrated (Illegally) against legitimate "Native Americans" in their charge. You have got to know that someone, somewhere, in all probability, (with the "Frustation" of inaction to the injustices that runs rampant throughout Indian Country), will act inappropriately, and won't take into consideration the consequences of their actions. I really hope this never happens,....."But?"

Anonymous said...

You need check out mark ' parent where they came from you will see yourself ,they don't belong mark enrollment higher number! Also people paid tons of money to fixed enrollment you name anything possible !

Anonymous said...

That crap don't matter. We need to look at bringing more attention throughout Indian Country.

Macarro's ancestor called our ancestor "aunt". That's better than all that "Mexicarro" crap the morons throw out, as if most of us/you dont' have Mexicans in your/our ancestry.

Focus on drawing attention to what has gone on.

smokeybear said...

Focus on drawing attention to what has gone on.

December 15, 2011 3:13 PM

Question: "You don't think we haven't?" Where is this coming from? We've been "Upfront" and "Forthcoming," and in great detail, to any and all "Indescresions" perpetrated against the "Native American Indian" by these "Corrupt, Criminal and Lying Tribal Leaders," A.K.A. "Casino Indians!" This "Festering Cancerous Growth" of unchecked "Human and Civil Rights Violations" has taken on a "Life of its Own" with the "Casino Indians" quest for larger payouts to inhance there already bulging "Cal-der-ons" at the expense of the "Disenrolled/Banished Native American Indians: "Because they Can?"....Hence, the "Nature of the Beast!" For you have got to know that "Sovereignty," in Indian Country, is nothing more then a license to "STEAL!" No matter that you are an "Allottee," with property, given at the turn of the century by President Mckinley, or have been living on the reservation for generations, or have overwelming proof to your "Lineage." Birthright and Heritage should be "First and Foremost" within a "Membership." but has been circumvented for "Greed and Political Power" with the advent of the "Casino." Our respective "Constitutions and Bylaws" have been overlooked, or totally ignored by these "Heathens." So are we "Drawing Attention" to the "Staggering Injustices?"......"With Every Fiber Of Our Being!" For "Justice, In A World Of Injustice," not withstanding, is "Nonexistent" and it is only going to get worse.For, again, I say: There isn't any "Money" in "Helping The Oppressed Native American Indian!" When will all this stop?....When the "Government(Indian Affairs), and Congress," finally take a stand against these "Thieves!"

Anonymous said...


No, I think you haven't. A one day protest did well....for one day.
It has to be a continuous campaign. Comments on newspapers, other websites.

What makes them a "casino Indian" and not YOU?
What makes them a "heathen" and not you?
"Every fiber of your being" or just one protest a year? What have you done since?

I read these blogs and don't hear anyone from the moratorium speaking up, other than you...why didn't you exercise your birthright and heritage in the 70's?
There HAS been justice, we just saw it at the Laytonville Rancheria, why were they successful and not your family?

You need more of your family working smarter and harder..

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest to all readers that they go to the ICT article and at the bottom of the story there is a ratings area. Give it 5 headdresses so that it can be moved up on their page listing favorite stories.

It's little things that count to. Not just big letters or protests..

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...

No, I think you haven't. A one day protest did well....for one day.
It has to be a continuous campaign. Comments on newspapers, other websites.

You have got to know that it is rather "Impossible" for our people to "Mass Together" for an "Extended Protest" because we all have to "Make A Living." We are all trying to just get by in this "Bullsh.. Economy," and the "Corrupt, Criminal, and Thieving Casino Indians" fully realize that this is surely the case. I, myself, would "Subscribe" to an "Occupy Pechanga" movement of epic proportions...."But"....

As for the "Drive By Media, they are reluctent to help us get our message out because "They Won't Bite The Had That Feeds Them!" With failing revenue, and the "Casino Indians" pumping an enormous amount of "Money's" into their "Advertising Base, would you help the "Oppressed Native American Indian," when you know there is no "Financial Gain?" We've sent out letters, e-mails, and faxes to a multitude of "News Entities, The Government(Indian Affairs), The Senate on Indian Affairs, our representatives in Congress, the F.B.I., and the D.O.J. And their standard response, the "Blind Eye And Deaf Ear" to our requests for "Justice!"

As you can see, another "Draft" for "Justice, In A world of Injustice' is being sent to "Attorney Geneal Eric Holder" as we speak, for "Consideration!" We will have to "Hide and Watch" what will come of this latest "Request.

So, if you think we havent done enough: We're open to any and all suggestions that will "Help our Cause."...."Feel Free......But, "PLEASE" sign that "Draft" to Attorney General Eric Holder, and fax it off....A Continuous Campaign?..."Give Me A Break?"

smokeybear said...

Oh, by the way, my "Draft" is sent by e-mail.