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Sunday, December 11, 2011

United Auburn Tribe Re-Elects Kim Dubach and Brenda Conway

The United Auburn Indian Community voted Saturday to re-elect two tribal council members after a bitter internal feud stirred a failed recall effort and the banishment of tribal members who circulated recall petitions.

Two of the banished members of the wealthy casino tribe, former tribal Chairwoman Jessica Tavaresand tribal elder Dolly Suehead, lost by 58 percent to 42 percent margins in their bids to unseat tribal council members Kim Dubach and Brenda Conway.

Tribal spokesman Doug Elmets said more than three-fourths of the United Auburn tribe, operator of the Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, participated in the election. But the voters didn't include either Tavares or Suehead. The rival candidates were banned from showing up on tribal grounds to cast their ballots and also told that they had missed a deadline to obtain absentee ballots. OP: And that's how you control power. Do not let all voters VOTE. Pechanga eliminated two large voting blocs just prior to elections.

Tavares and Suehead were among six tribal members who were ordered banished from the tribe for up to 10 years and stripped of monthly casino payments of more than $30,000 after their attempt to recall all five members of the tribal council

Read more At the Sacramento Bee


Anonymous said...

So, keeping people from voting is the goal?

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
So, keeping people from voting is the goal?
Eliminate your compatition by "Banishment or Disenrollment," then the word gets out and the "Membership" is afraid to vote against you. A "Mark Macarro," at Pechanga ploy. He (Mark) has shown this to be true by doing exactly that at his recall try. Making the membership afraid that they would be next to be "Disenrolled!"

Curious said...

Dumb question ...but why did your tribe elect him in the first place?...from what I read on here, he never lived on the reservation?...why would he really know your issues?..he is not even a real Indian...sounds like he is a new Casino Indian...but it begs the question....why did everyone vote for him?....

Anonymous said...

Macarro was an articulate spokesperson and he didn't reek of the criminal corruption/sleaziness of Jennie Miranda.

He had lived on the reservation at one time.

He was the right person for the job. But, then things turned. You see the greed and power changed him.

I mean, he was a cheater...but now..

Luiseno said...

I am ashamed to say that I voted for him myself. He is a very good liar. And fools the Tribe into believing that he alone is responsible for all that they have, and without him everything would fall apart.