Saturday, December 17, 2011

Letter on Disenrollment: From A Chukchansi Disenrolled

This letter was so good, from our friend C. Cory who is a disenrolled Chukchansi member, in the New York Times comment section. Please read and think about how bad Chukchansi is.

A sad day in Indian Country indeed, as thousands of Indian people suffer violation of their tribal, civil, and human rights at the hands of their own corrupt tribal governments without recourse. The horrific theft of the very birthright of our elders and future generations as Indian People sickens me.

Over 200 Chukchansi disenrolled from Picayune in 1999, another 500 in 2006, 57 in November 2011, 200 up for disenrollment hearings this week...

As BIA “official” Bearquiver so eloquently stated, “We turned our backs on people.” People who commited horrific acts such as murder and rape. Then, RARELY.

On over 950 of the most vulnerable and honored in our society--children and elders? Ripping out the very hearts of those with whom we share a common bond of blood, history, and land? NEVER!

Disenrollment of Indian People is NOT traditional. Bred of corruption and greed, it fluorishes under the dangerous abuse of sovereignty by power hungry tribal governments like Picayune’s. Congress must sanction tribes who misuse this sovereignty in order to destroy their own People. This paper genocide must be halted.

Truly, evil does flourish as good people stand by and do nothing. Congress, BIA, DOJ, White House, NCAI, NARF, Senate Committee on Indian Affairs--THEY have done nothing. This destruction is the product of their inaction.

Bring the People--ALL THE PEOPLE--home to Picayune!!!

Cathy L. Cory
Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians


Anonymous said...

Excellent work. Well done.

smokeybear said...

Well said. I'm going to repost this from one of our "Many Anonymous Contributors" that we are "Not Doing Enough." an my response to his accusations.

Anonymous said...

No, I think you haven't. A one day protest did well....for one day.
It has to be a continuous campaign. Comments on newspapers, other websites.

You have got to know that it is rather "Impossible" for our people to "Mass Together" for an "Extended Protest" because we all have to "Make A Living." We are all trying to just get by in this "Bullsh.. Economy," and the "Corrupt, Criminal, and Thieving Casino Indians" fully realize that this is surely the case. I, myself, would "Subscribe" to an "Occupy Pechanga" movement of epic proportions...."But"....

As for the "Drive By Media, they are reluctent to help us get our message out because "They Won't Bite The Had That Feeds Them!" With failing revenue, and the "Casino Indians" pumping an enormous amount of "Money's" into their "Advertising Base, would you help the "Oppressed Native American Indian," when you know there is no "Financial Gain?" We've sent out letters, e-mails, and faxes to a multitude of "News Entities, The Government(Indian Affairs), The Senate on Indian Affairs, our representatives in Congress, the F.B.I., and the D.O.J. And their standard response, the "Blind Eye And Deaf Ear" to our requests for "Justice!" Maybe with the N.Y.Times article, and the possibility that they might even sink their teeth in and continue to "Investigate and Report" further on this subject, others may not be afraid to "Venture" into the "Bleek World" of "Human and Civil Rights Violations."

As you can see, another "Draft" for "Justice, In A world of Injustice' is being sent to "Attorney Geneal Eric Holder" as we speak, for "Consideration!" We will have to "Hide and Watch" what will come of this latest "Request.

So, if you think we havent done enough: We're open to any and all suggestions that will "Help our Cause."...."Feel Free......But, "PLEASE" sign that "Draft" to Attorney General Eric Holder, and fax it off....A Continuous Campaign?..."Give Me A Break?"

Anonymous said...

We should do what the ileagals do have a mass protest downtown L.A. they always get what they want!

Anonymous said...

Where's your letter Smokey? Where was your comment on any newspaper?

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
Where's your letter Smokey? Where was your comment on any newspaper?

Oh, you of "Little Faith?" Oh, they're out there, believe me. They usually won't let me post under "Smokeybear," except when I reference same....Say "Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube." So, I guess my statement to you is: "You've got to be kidding!"