Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Senator Diane Feinstein Cites Lack of Support for Enterprise Rancheria; But Not the REAL reason to Halt Casino

U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein cited a lack of public support as the reason the federal Department of the Interior should take another look at Enterprise Rancheria, according to information her office shared Monday.

Feinstein, who inserted the request for a new review into a federal spending bill Friday, felt polling by a group opposed to the casino showed the department's initial analysis of the project was flawed, according to a statement her office issued.

"A recent poll show 72 percent of Californians oppose off-reservation gaming," Feinstein said in the statement. "The same poll shows 67 percent of Medera (sic) County voters oppose a new casino in their community; in Yuba County, opposition stands at 63 percent."

The polling, which was released earlier this month, drew immediate condemnation from casino proponents, who said the questions asked didn't mention economic benefits for the region if the casino was approved and built.

Those proponents released polling of their own from October — in which the potential benefits were highlighted — showing significant support for the casino, which would be built by the Estom Yumeka Maidu tribe based in Oroville on a parcel near Sleep Train Amphitheatre.

Feinstein's request, which called for a 60-day review of the project and subsequent report to Congress, also cited a lack of support among local elected officials.

In the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs' Sept. 1 decision moving the casino forward, the analysis showed a positive response from only one local elected body: The Yuba County Board of Supervisors, which has an existing memorandum of understanding with the sponsoring tribe to address the casino's potential impacts

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OP: The Enterprise Rancheria should not be rewarded with a casino. They have violated the civil liberties and civil rights of their people. We wrote about Enterprise HERE The chairman of their disenrolled wrote an letter in support of the Indian Civil Rights Act. We need Rep. Darrell Issa to call for oversight hearings.



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