Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Darrell Issa, Richest Representative in Congress, Ignores Civil Rights Issues by His Tribal Contributors.

The rich stand by the rich.  Darrell Issa ignores the  plight of native Americans in his district, because he's paid by tribal governments.   He turns a blind eye to the civil rights violations in his district.

Temecula's Congressman was the richest person in the House of Representatives in 2010, according to a report.

Darrell Issa (R-Vista) has an average net worth of $448,125,017, the Center for Responsive Politics reported.

Issa co-founded Directed Electronics, the country's largest manufacturer of vehicle anti-theft devices, according to the report.
The Center for Responsive Politics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy, according to its mission statement.
Issa's relative wealth has stirred controversy for him before.

The Temecula Patch has more on Darrell Issa's wealth


Anonymous said...

The U.S. Justice Department issued a report last week alleging a wide range of civil rights violation against Arpaio's office.

The sheriff also has lost all of his federal immigration powers and now carries out his patrols under state laws.


Anonymous said...

The Chukchansi council make a mockery of sovereignty and fair play.

No wonder politicians like them

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rep. Issa for being rich.

Now, do the right thing, obviously you don't need money from Pala and Pechanga.

smokeybear said...

And that says it all. The "Rich get Richer." And the "Oppressed Native American" gets "Poorer." Thanks "Darrel Issa" for your "CONCERN!" You don't give a "Damn" about the "Plight" of the "Native Americans" in your charge. Just your "Immense Greed." You have more "Money" that you could ever spend in your "Lifetime." So what is it? You afraid of the "Big Bad Wolves..A.K.A.."Corrupt and Criminal Tribal Leaders," and the "Political Power" they possess? Afraid of loosing your job if you "Anger" these "Casino Indians? It is "Unrealistic" to know that you have the "Ability and the Means" to to take "Action" that could mske a "Difference" by investigating "Human and Civil Rights Vioations" against "Native Americans" in your charge. You know what's going on, but choose not to act. That is "Unexcusable!" A "Blind Eye and Deaf Ear" is not going to make these "Criminal Acts" go away. Don't be part of the "Problem," be part of the "Solution." Your "Job" is to protect everyone in your charge...Even the "American Indian."

smokeybear said...

Did anyone know that "Eric Holder" was an "African American?" You would think he would be just a little "Sympathetic" to our cause, growing up in "Black America" in the '50's? He should have first hand knowledge of "Human and Civil Rights Violations" from that era.

class action lawyer said...

It is just hard to accept that these elected representatives still prefer to side where the money is than doing their jobs and represent the people and their rights. Principles have a money equivalent in our government.

wites and kapetan said...

You cannot help but feel disgust for politicians that suddenly become filthy rich after just a few years in office. Politics has become one of the quickest ways to earn money nowadays.