Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New York Times Discovers Tribal Disenrollments, Better LATE than Never.

Finally after a decade of civil and human rights abuses in Indian Gaming Country, the New York Times has realized that they are behind the news.

Jim Dao has the story we referenced last night: California Indian Tribes Eject Thousands The story focuses on the most despicable tribe, the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, but due to space limitations, doesn't reach into issues at Redding, which he interviewed the Foreman family for, nor any at Pala. He did thankfully link to the Apis family story from Pechanga: Pechanga’s Tribal Flush

We need all our friends and family to check in on the NYT article, to both support the Chukchansi disenrolled and to make sure the times knows there is more to the story that should be told.


Marilyn Vann said...

Its important that the major media cover Indian country disenrollments. Some chiefs proudly talk of sovereignty in disenrollment issues, yet the major place in which the DOI/BIA has held a "handoffs" approach is the weapon for tribes own destruction. To the feds, disenrollment means less people eligible for services and if "indians" are fighting "indians", they are not focusing on the Feds. I do not see how tribes with less than 2000 members, 1/4 blood quantums, that continue to disenroll members can survive more than a couple of generations.Any time people are disenrolled when tribal or federal law is broken, there will be disharmoney as people will not lightly accept having their tribal identify stripped away. This is the true whether people are Cherokee or Creek freedmen descendants or citizens of California Rancherias

Anonymous said...

True of Indian Country all over it is the Indian way to be silent but native americans everywhere stand to lose and destroy thier own people,By Pechanga tribal members of own admission Tosabol relatives on enrollment commitee cannot change this some know the true desendents are being kept away so not to continue our Bloodlines with more quantum than children being enrolled by the current tribal membership even I still feel this means distinction between who belongs and whom does not Corruption and Greed of the casino Indians Just Pechangas Self destruction of Heritage and thier People WE MUST STAND AND FIGHT FOR our People THIS must be in all our minds for all NOW!!POLYSQWALIS SAYS!