Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Luwana Quitiquit, Activist On Indian Civil Rights, Has Died. Robinson Rancheria Disenrolled Her Family.

In the days before the Christmas holiday, Luwana Quitiquit was tired.
The 70-year-old Quitiquit, a respected local Pomo elder and basket weaver, artist and activist, had been the lead plaintiff in a case filed against Robinson Rancheria, whose council was trying to evict her and several others from their homes on the reservation.

It was the latest assault on Quitiquit and her family, who in 2008 were disenrolled by the tribe. Also disenrolled at that time was her mother, who was posthumously removed from the tribe’s rolls.

Quitiquit, who had formerly served on the Robinson Rancheria tribal council, told Lake County News at the time that the move to force her family out of the tribe was purely political and retaliatory.

“I'm ready to fight,” she said in a December 2008 interview. “They're not going to make me cry. I'm going to fight all the way.”
She had continued to fight, even as the tribe attempted to push her from her home, signing up to be the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit to fight the evictions. A judge recently had granted a delay in the proceedings until March, according to her sister, Wanda Quitiquit.

But, as sister Wanda pointed out, Luwana Quitiquit was both busy and tired from the battle, and she was struggling with her health.
“You would not believe the stress she was under,” Wanda Quitiquit told Lake County News.
In order to pay for the retainer fee for the attorney representing her and others targeted for eviction, Luwana Quitiquit had just sold one of her exquisitely beaded American Indian dresses, Wanda Quitiquit said.
With money to pay the attorney, Luwana Quitiquit believed things were going to be all right, said her sister.
On Thursday, Dec. 22, she went to bed exhausted. The next morning, her son went to check on her.

“She died in her sleep and we should all be so lucky,” said Wanda Quitiquit, who called her sister her best friend.

Wanda Quitiquit said the fight to battle the evictions at Robinson Rancheria needs to continue on behalf of her sister.
“They can't touch her now,” she said of the tribal council.

Luwana Quitiquit was born in Isleton, Calif., on Nov. 13, 1941, to father Claro Quitiquit, of Filipino ancestry, and mother, Marie Boggs Quitiquit, who came from Robinson Rancheria.

She was from a big family, with a total of 15 siblings.
She grew up on Union Island in the Bay-Delta area near Stockton, where she and her family were employed as farm workers.

Read more of Elizabeth Larson’s obituary for Luwana Quitiquit


Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, may your family see justice on the Robinson Rancheria.

for ALL nations said...

safe journey to you...we here living on our mother earth shall continue to seek justice for our relations in the spirit world, our elders who suffer so, and our future generations already here and yet to come...your spirit can be at peace and a guide to us all in our struggle against injustice...

Anonymous said...

Luwana, I don't know you, but I know your pain. Being disenrolled is one of the most painful things anyone could ever experience, and to see your extended family and friends, your community stand there doing nothing, while an obvious wrongful act is being taken against you, can make anyone want to just give up. There were many days when I, too, felt like I wanted to just disappear, but I know I must go on. Maybe this is what you felt and maybe you died of a broken heart. May you rest in peace and may your family and all families who are so unfairly treated by corrupt tribal officials see the justice that is so deserved, so very needed. I pray for you today and I pray today that very soon God will deliver us all from the evil, greedy, corrupt tribal government officials and those individuals who have enabled those tribes to use their sovereign status to inflict harm upon their people. I ask God to act swiftly, so that those evil ones will be exposed and dealt with accordingly. My thoughts are with you and yours...

smokeybear said...

Yes, "Rest In Peace." You were, "And Still Are," a "Shining Light" to all who are being "Deprived" of their rightful place within their respective "Memberships" by "Corrupt and Criminal Tribal Governments" throughout "Indian Country." We are loosing our "Elders," our "Teachers," our "Ancestery, our "Birthright," and our "Heritage" to these "Tribal Leaders" who suck the "Life" out of what is "Right and Just" for their own "In-sash-able" appetite for "Greed and Political Power." How sad is it that "Luwana" had to sell off a "Prized Possession" just to get the "Money" to fight these "Criminals?" And there lies the "Major Problem" that besets us all: It takes "Capital" to fight this "Cancerous Infestation" that is running "Rampant" thoughout Indian Country. And these "Tribal Governments" are well aware that this is the case. They have all the "Money," and use "Sovereignty" as their "License to Steal." So with that in mind, the "Government(Indian Affairs)" backs every "Illegal Act" that these "Corrupt and Criminal Tribal(Casino)Leaders put forth without question, because there is no "Money" in helping the "Oppressed Native American," for again, "They Won't Bite The Hand that Feeds Them!" They won't "Even" take the chance of "Angering Tribal Leaders." We are all "Aware" of this "Fact!"...They have proved this...."Time and Time Again!" For it is "All About The Money,"..."FACT!" The "Government(Indian Affairs)" is nothing more then a "Puppet On A String, And Dances To The Beat Of The "Casino Indians" Drum."..."Human and Civil Rights" be "Damned!"...Our "Constitutions, Bylaws, and Tribal Laws," that are supposed to protect us all, has been "Circumvented and Totally Ignored" by these "Criminal Tribal Leaders" for nothing more then "Greed and Self Interest."... "2012" is a new year, and we need to hit these "Criminals" hard and heavy, and not let up, for we "Can" make this happen for the good of all in "Indian Country." But we need to stand together in a "United Front" for us to make a "Difference" in a "World of Injustice."..."What say you all?"..."We "Can" do this!" We "Have Too!" Time and effort can and will be our "Momentum!"

White Buffalo said...

I remember when we met you spoke softly and with purpose, yet your eyes had a fire. We will burn sage for you so that the smoke will go before you to tell of your coming. A woman a warrior who knew the earth as her mother as you walked along the path may a new dance be danced to show the spirits your life and the unfinished fight for you people. To the living let your grandmother be your new guide with what she did for you continue on in her name to right the wrong so that the spirit of the people can be made whole my prayers and condolences to your family.

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace sister, see you in the spirit world.

Anonymous said...


We're going through this with you & yours!!

You live in us all...many are weeping for you, in this horrenous struggle.

I give you my thanks - for your strongheart.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Wanda also has a soft warm and gentle spirit.

Anonymous said...

May the sprit of you make us remember the fight and journey we face forever we must fight for you you and all the others that have passed waiting for thier Birthright returned to them I believe we can fill our mindswith this and unite for JUSTICE as all of our Elders would WANT FIGHT DONT CRY SAYS POLYSQWALIS